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Benefits of Using Social Media for Small Business

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Social Media is a very large area when it comes to advertising your business or even for personal use. The face of social media has taken a huge turn. There are so many new platforms out there to use. Not only are there new platforms, there are platforms which many of us have not even used.

Many business owners do not see the benefits of using social media. Many business owners need to get with the 21st century. Apart from having a good website Social Media is the one to get you thousands of free traffic to your site. As a business owner, you will need to have a Facebook Page, which is now called a like page. Not only is this part of branding for your company, it also allows you to interact with your customers on a daily basis. Keep them up to date with the new offers you have within your business, or price and rate changes, new services or contracts, the great feedback which you have been given. Your customers and future customers will love to be able to find out what’s new within your business. You can give them snippets of what is going on, then leave a link to drive them to your website or your blog page.

LinkedIn, is another social media platform where you can advertise your business for free. That exactly what social media is all about, it gives you the opportunity to advertise your business for free. With LinkedIn, you give as much information as possible about our business. You will be amazed at the great networking opportunities there.

Twitter, very common and used worldwide. You get to send out regular tweets about your company. Again telling potential clients about what you have to offer, with the link directing them to wherever you want them to go. Get as many followers as possible then you tell them about who you are and what your company can offer them.

Social media is an inexpensive and efficient way of advertising products and services. Social networking sites are a platform for small business to grow and make their mark on the market. There are lots of benefits of social media. Top 9 benefits are listed below:

1. You can have a website or a blog for small business: It gives an opportunity to have your own space on social networking websites where you can be in contact with your customers and prospects.

2. Huge Exposure to Potential Customers: Social media provide an opportunity for exposure to its potential customers. There are numbers of famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites have more than a billion users. A small business is able to get huge traffic because of these websites.

3. Marketing without Money: Once you have got your desired target customers and prospect its time to market your business. Online business is different from other businesses because you do not have to spend anything on it not even a penny.

4. Customers will Find You: Small business should work on generating good contents following with keywords and phrases. Try to write articles and put them on different search engines with a link to your website and so when your customers will read your article he will follow you on your website.

5. Contacts around the World: There are numbers of different people living in different geographical locations but they all are connected to your business because of social media.

6. Innovative Ideas: Small business can create original ideas. People connected to your business belong to different culture, religion or nationality. While catering their needs you can create ideas to make better connections with them.

7. Fan Following: If your business is able to cater its customer’s needs, then your business can have a huge list of fans. They will follow you on your website and will be willing to buy your products.

8. The opportunity of Feedback: Your customers can tell you about your company. They can give you suggestions which in return will help your business to improve.

9. Profit and Sales: Small business online can generate a hefty amount of profit. Sales increase with the passage of time. Online business does not require you to invest lots of money in it. What it needs is time and effort to make your business.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing in Promoting Your Business?

Social media marketing is hands down one of the most widely-used strategies in promoting a business online. A lot of online entrepreneurs and internet marketers who previously have problems getting traffic to their websites and businesses were able to speed up their success by employing marketing strategies. This is not surprising at all considering the fact that social media sites are now head to head with search engines when it comes to traffic numbers. The internet is continuously evolving and trends show that social sites will only grow even bigger in the future.

Below are some of the most important benefits of using social media marketing in promoting your business:

Targeted traffic: This is of course if you know how to find the right audience for your promotional strategies in the social sites you are using. It is very easy to find people who will likely be interested in the product or service you are promoting on your business website. By looking into other users’ profiles, you can quickly determine what their interests are. All you have to do now is befriend these targeted users then market to them when the opportunity comes.

Unlimited traffic: One great thing about social sites is the potential to receive unlimited web traffic from them. Social sites are basically built as venues for people to share things like stories, articles, photos, links, videos, etc. Let’s say for instance that a link to your website gets shared and passed around on Facebook. This would mean thousands of social traffic rushing on towards your website.

Free traffic: You don’t have to pay anything to get social media traffic unlike other marketing strategies such as pay per click advertising and direct advertising.

Great for building an online reputation: There is a reason why even the biggest companies in the world are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The reason is simple. Social media sites allow them to get closer to their customers and build relationships with them. This, in turn, boosts their online reputation. The Same scenario can be applied to small internet businesses.

There are of course other benefits of using social media marketing but the ones discussed above are the most relevant. One thing you should always keep in mind when using a social media site is the value of honesty and participation. To maximize the benefits you get from social sites, you have to be always honest and actively participate as often as you can.

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