How to Make Money Making Websites: 6 simple tips to make money!

Want to know how to make money making websites? I’m going to help you! This could be your chance to start making money without even leaving home.

The truth is that working with the creation of websites is an excellent business opportunity nowadays because the technological market is growing fast all around the world!

Everyone who has a product, company, or offers a service needs to be online, and as incredible as it may seem, most of these people still don’t have a website of their own. That’s where your gap comes in.

Learning how to make money making websites will make you aware of the possibilities that exist around you and show you the best steps and strategies to win customers and get results.

By following a few simple steps, having dedication, and setting goals, I’m sure you might be surprised! You can make a lot of money making websites and I hope this article helps you get there.

First step: Become a professional in the area!

There’s no way to make money making websites without professional qualification, you need to know how to make a website from scratch and with quality!

This is an area that requires as much knowledge as possible, since creating a website is not as simple as creating a blog or creating a page on a social network.

There are a lot of specific and complicated things and only those who qualify have the right crafting and production skills.

Got it, don’t you? The first step on how to make money making websites is to invest in your professional training!

Take a web design/programming course and be on the lookout for small courses aimed at the design market in general. They will help you understand the theory and practice of the market.

All companies that hire professionals to work on creating websites look for people who already have at least basic knowledge in the area, but if you are going to work as a freelancer or are going to set up your own website creation company, for example, you will have to bet in the best courses on the market.

How to make money making websites: 6 important tips

I’ve separated for you six simple and important tips on how to make money making websites. All of them together will help you create a strong foundation for your business and make it easier for customers to show up.

A lot of information needs to be adapted and modeled according to the reality of each one, of course, but overall they work very well.

Another thing: It’s no use understanding everything I’ve brought here if you don’t have the willingness and courage to put all this into practice.

A lot of people make money making websites, the market is huge and if you dedicate yourself you can also be part of it. Don’t let insecurity get the best of you, okay?

See the tips below for profiting from website creation and get to work:

1. You need a portfolio

After the part that you invest in your personal qualification, it’s time to work to have something to show your client. It can happen, but it is very difficult, for you to sell a website to someone without having one ready to show.

This is the time to work with long-term results in mind. First is your website! Your biggest business card will be him.

But even on your website, you need to show other works.

Do you have any relatives or friends with a business? How about offering him a free website? It only covers the costs of hosting websites and domain that will be his own.

As much as it is a free job at the moment, it will work as customer bait. Do your best in this type of work from the beginning because they will work as a portfolio.

Having more than one can give the customer even more credibility, see? Put their information on your website, show them details and you’ll see the difference!

2. Make a list of businesses near you that don’t have a website

This is another very important point of how to make money making websites. You already have yours, you’ve done two or three, and now you need to look for clients.

The easiest way is to start with your region. See the companies out there and check if they have a website. Those that don’t are potential customers.

You need to get in touch with them, arrange a meeting, present your work and show how essential it is, these days, for a company to have its own website.

A tip is to offer a special price to these companies (who will be your first customers). Prepare a simple but objective presentation and go all out to meetings.

It’s good to remember that we don’t always get a yes right away. So don’t be discouraged by the no’s. Keep pushing until you get it. After the first yes everything will be easier!

3. Promote your service on the internet

In addition to this type of customer acquisition, it is also important to use the internet to your advantage. You can advertise on Google, Facebook, on sites like OLX and Whatsapp, and even on your own Instagram.

4. Invest in content marketing

Use content marketing for your business. On your website, you must create quality content for your target audience, providing solutions to problems they face on a daily basis.

With a tool called Semrush, you can search for topics that are searched on the internet and see how many people search for it per month.

From there, you can create a content creation project that is highly sought after by people who are within your target audience. You will usually find topics like:

  • “Why can having a website make my business successful?”
  • “How to sell more with my website”

Being careful and focusing on this type of marketing is one of the best things that are described in my list of how to make money making websites. Research it, study it and get to work!

5. Ask your customers to make a service statement

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but whenever we go to buy something on the internet or hire a service, we pay attention to the evaluation of that company/person.

Knowing from customers who have used the service or purchased a product how their experience was gives you too much credibility. That’s why you need to use this kind of resource.

All customers who have closed with you must leave a statement about this. Whether through message, video… What matters is that people have access to this information on your page.

Talk to your customers, I’m sure they will have no problem doing this for you.

6. Create a referral program

Want to earn money working with websites? Encourage people you know, including your customers, to recommend your service to others. If you close a deal, give a commission to the person who referred you.

It’s a very simple thing, but it works great! Everyone wants to make money and if it’s as easy as indicating, even better.

You need to keep your customers too!

For you who want to understand how to make money making websites, you must keep in mind that this is a business and in addition to knowledge in creating websites, you must be an entrepreneur, above all!

Just as you need to learn how to get customers’ attention, you need to know how to keep them! This way they will be able to request new projects and indicate their work to other people.

The intention is to go beyond the client-company relationship, you know? It’s creating a closer relationship, an audience that trusts what you do, that follows you and that will speak well of you around without receiving anything in return.

This is the main focus of companies today. The more you are remembering, the stronger this relationship with the audience, the greater your chance of success and making money with websites.

You can set up a website creation agency!

Those who want to grow in this field and gain even greater prominence can choose to open their own agency and increase production capacity.

With a company, it is possible to hire more web designers, have a ready working structure and be able to reach even more clients – so take this possibility seriously!

This can be a very efficient way to make money making websites with your own scalable business.

Of course, it is not necessary to rent a commercial point of great value in the center of the city, because in many cases it is possible to start your agency working from your own home, with professionals providing service from anywhere in the world!

Working from home remotely you don’t need to make any investment! Only a quality computer, internet and partners who are good professionals.

If you want to open a physical website agency, then you need to invest more, but that will vary according to the size you want and the number of employees you are willing to hire.

How much can you earn making websites?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you an exact amount that you will earn when you start making websites, because everything will depend on your commitment and the amount of customers you get.

If we are going to base ourselves on the salary of a Webdesigner, know that the earnings can be very good!

Some beginners earn around $2,000 per month and if you have experience in the area, you can earn more than $10,000 per month working on your own.

Start billing!

Now that you’ve seen how making money making websites can be a “simple” thing, it’s time to start working hard!

I’m sure you can get good results. Do your best and things will happen little by little.

Success and good luck!

Team ONH
Team ONH
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