Copyright Policy

Our Net Helps highly respects the intellectual property of others and has also taken suitable measures to protect the copyrights very seriously. We also admonish our students, instructors and visitors to do the same. We do not tolerate any type of infringing activity on or through the site.

If you believe that the content or the course that is available on or through this website has been used without consent or exploited in a way that actually infringes the right of intellectual property that you own, then you should promptly send a “Notification of Claimed Infringement”, which may contain the following data to the Designated Agent. Your writing communication must include the following:

  • Identification of the work that is being infringed and identification of the multiple tasks if they are covered by a single notification with the representative list of all such works
  • Clear identification of the particular material being infringed or becoming the subject of any infringing activity that needs to be removed or disabled, along with the information that is sufficient to allow Our Net Helps to locate the material.
  • The reasonably sufficient information to let Our Net Helps contact you, like an address, phone number or you can also provide the electronic mail address through which you may be contacted.
  • An official statement to explain that you have complete confidence and solid faith that the use of the material that is being complained of is not legally authorized by the owner, agent or law of the copyright.
  • A statement that all the data included in the notification is accurate and also under the penalty of perjury that you are allowed and authorized to speak or act on behalf of the copyright owner..
  • The electronic or physical signature of the authorized person to act on the behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is infringed allegedly. You should also consult your lawyer to confirm your stated obligations in order to provide the valid notice of the claimed infringement.

If you ever receive the notice from Our Net Helps that the material that is available on or through your website is a subject of a Notification of Claimed Infringement, then you have the complete right to provide the Counter Notification. It should be in writing and provided to the website’s DesignatedAgent. It must include the following information.

  • Identification that the specified material has been removed or the location at which it appeared has been denied access.
  • An official statement under the penalty of perjury that the material removed or disabled was the result of misidentification or a mistake.
  • The name, address and contact number of the subscriber must be provided in case of further obligations.
  • The electronic or physical signature of the subscriber.

The party that is submitting the Counter Notification should consult the lawyer as well, to confirm the obligations in order to provide a valid Counter Notification under the Act of Copyright.