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Make Money Blogging (A Step by Step Complete Guide)

Blogging refers to the process of creating, managing, updating, and earning, by writing content on a website or blog.

Today the internet offers you lots of ways to build a platform, create a blogging-based business, grow your audience, generate an income and do it all in a way that supports the lifestyle you desire.

You can earn a six-figure income from blogging if you do this in the right way.

On the Internet, blogging is the best and easiest way to make money online. There are many bloggers who make a comfortable living from blogging. Many of them only spend a few hours a day working on this model and easily earn 4 to 6 figures a month. If you were to study their methods and put them into practice, you will discover that making money from blogging is really very simple and straightforward.

There are many ways you can make money from a blog. Many of them do not require any capital outlay from yourself, and they offer a powerful passive income source. What is even more attractive is that you can have multiple income sources built into your blog. All you need to do is to create traffic and readership, and a small conversion rate will build that income.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you how to make money blogging:

1. Find your niche:

Before owning a blog/website you must identify the type of content you are interested in and think is more profitable.

Most of the beginners get lured to a particular niche but after creating some content find it difficult and boring. This is time-consuming and definitely does not help you to generate more income.

Firstly, determine who is going to read your blogs. A blog that targets all age groups and touches them on an emotional level is sure to earn more visitors.

Also, find out the bloggers who write a similar type of blog. This will help you to know about your competition and by reading their content you will also learn to write more target-oriented blogs.

Learn their techniques but do not copy them. Discover your own writing style, polish it, and always be ready to master new things.

Learning new topics will only broaden your range and expertise as a professional blogger.

We suggest you select your niche according to your interests and skill-set. If you have experience in a particular field and choose to write blogs based on your experiences, it will bring more credibility to your blogs as people will trust your advice more.

This will also attract people who work in similar fields and their experience will only help make your blogs more informative.

Also, you can choose a niche that is lesser-known but has less competition.

For example, if you are a professional cook you can blog your recipes but remember that there are numerous well-known cooks who are already established in this category. Therefore, make it a point to share recipes and cuisines on which a lesser amount of information is available on the internet.

This will not only attract more people to your blogs but also will optimize your rankings in the search results as already little information is available on it.

2. Choose your blogging platform:

Many free platforms are available on the internet wherein you can post and publish your blogs. Blogger and are among the many sites that provide free opportunities to blog.

However, remember that you will not be able to control your blogs completely on these portals. If a publisher finds your content inappropriate he may remove your blog from the website.

By far, the best and most popular blogging platform/software to use is For that, you need your own domain name and hosting that provides a total control over all your content and blogs.

3. What is a domain name?

A domain name is your unique address on the internet wherein you may be accessed or contacted.,, and many more domain names clearly represent the name of the organization and its area of work.

We suggest you select a domain name that will define your blogging niche.

For example, if you want to write about easy online money-making techniques, your domain name should be or something related to online money-making techniques.

Make sure that your domain name is easy to memorize and contains some of the relative keywords as well as it will help to display your results at the top of search results.

4. Where and How to Get a Domain Name?

You can quickly and easily buy a domain from Godaddy. Apart from this, you can register a domain name together with a blog/website hosting plan in under a few minutes with Hostgator. The process is highly automated, and in 5-6 clicks, you will have your domain name purchased and your blog up and running!

5. Choose a reliable and powerful hosting:

Every website requires a good web hosting provider that provides the space and control essential for keeping your website up and running.

In our opinion, Hostgator is one of the best for starting a blog or website (we host OurNetHelps on Hostgator). You can choose the hosting plan as per your requirements and budget.

The service provided by your host must be reliable as the speed and security aspects of your website totally depend on the hosting configuration.

Various web hosting companies are available on the internet which makes it altogether difficult while choosing a hosting service. The data of your websites are stored on the servers of these companies.

Most of them provide unlimited file transfers, e-mail accounts, free domain names, and much more on purchasing their plans.

6. Website or Blog Development:

After purchasing a domain and hosting plan, your next step is to install WordPress Software, Choose a theme, and start building your website. You can choose lots of themes from according to your choice. An attractive theme is necessary to captivate your readers and new visitors. It not only entices the readers but is also functional in creating a brand for your blogs. Website and blog development is a very difficult task for beginners, you can also take the help of an expert from Fiverr.

7. Write good quality content

Mastering the skill of blog writing is essential if you want to generate more income from it. Good quality content always stands out from the rest so it is very important to write in such a way that your readers enjoy reading your blogs. Managing the quality of work with quantity will make you different from the rest of the competition. Don’t bother to edit before you write as it will hamper your thoughts and ideas. Write sufficiently, then read and evaluate your mistakes after some time to produce content with correct grammar and punctuation.

8. Publish your blog

Just writing a good blog is not enough, as you will have to publish and market it effectively in order to monetize your writing skills. Add the link of your blogs on social media and other sites where the majority of the crowd is present. Regularly update your blogs so that they do not lose any relevance. If your former blog has not attracted enough viewers try by modifying the keywords so that your blog appears at the top of the search results.

Now let’s learn about the do’s and do not’s of blogging.

Let’s start with what you should not do while blogging.

  1. Never write content that contains fluff and filler words or ideas. If you can say something in three words, don’t waste an entire paragraph on it.
  2. Never ever, try to copy-paste or plagiarize another person’s work. This is not good just for the readers, as the search engines will also penalize you. Google has a serious punishment waiting for plagiarizers called “Penguin” and “Panda”.
  3. Do not post irrelevant content.
  4. Do not create irrelevant backlinks.
  5. Do not advertise irrelevant ads. For example, you cannot post ads for Viagra on an educational website.

Now let’s have a look at what you should do on your blog.

  1. Regularly update; at least three times a week.
  2. Provide fresh, authentic, and well-researched content.
  3. Introduce new and innovative ideas.
  4. Apply SEO techniques and integrate them with Social Media Marketing.
  5. Keep checking stats with the help of Google Analytics, and other tools.

Qualities of a Super Star Blog Post:

  1. It will instantly get the reader’s attention with a killer headline.
  2. The content and the headline are logically related and the reader can connect with them.
  3. It does not propagate any kind of hate, bigotry, violence, discrimination, or hatred; nor does it present lies or biased opinions. Remember that post – the one you read and instantly decided never to visit the blog or website it was on, again? Don’t let your blog suffer the same fate.
  4. Invite guest bloggers; pay them if this is how they work. This will increase the credibility of your blog.

Steps to Build a Popular Blog:

Now you have all the essentials that are needed to build a blog. However, there is still much to do; remember your aim is to earn more out of the blog, and for this, you need to construct one that stands out in the millions.

Step: 1 Write Headlines that Attract Instant Attraction:

We all click on the links that promise something new and different. Similarly, we just skip the ones that do not attract us. Hence, we need to make the headline keys that instantly open up the way to our great blog posts. Here is how you can do this.

  1. The headline should not be more than 12-15 words long.
  2. It should summarise what you are offering in the main body of the article.
  3. The headline must be intriguing: it should compel the viewer to read further. Dull, boring, and monotonous headlines can repel the reader.
  4. A little tinge of controversy sometimes works wonders; however, DO NOT overdo it!
  5. Numbers do wonders; for instance: the top five ways, the top three ideas, etc.

Step 2: Follow 4 Effective Steps to Increase In-Flow of Traffic

  1. Create Backlinks. Backlinks are the hyperlinks that divert traffic from one page to another. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective way to optimize your blog’s content in such a way that it appears higher on search engines. Using relevant keywords and key phrases can help you a lot.
  2. Social Media Marketing is currently the most effective tool. More than half the world’s population uses one or more Social Media platforms. You can link your blog to one or more platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit, which are great sources of getting more visitors.
  3. Build a mutually cooperative relationship with other blogs that are either centered on the same niche as yours or based on related niches, that way, you will be able to share readers and customers. What to know more about it? Here is a beneficial link: A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy You’re Probably Not Using – Take It!
  4. Email marketing along with newsletters can help you expand your followers. You can ask all random visitors to leave their email address; however, you must keep in mind that the visitor will only be willing to stay in touch with your blog if it offers something valuable in terms of content. So basically, everything is back to square one: the content.

How to Retain Readers for a Long Time:

The art of attracting and retaining readers requires smart thinking. Here are the top 3 ways to retain a loyal readership.

  1. Make a schedule for posting new blog posts. When a reader is enticed by one of your posts he or she will be eager to read more from you. Thus, they will start waiting for the next masterpiece coming from your side; again, content is the kingmaker!
  2. Communicate with your readers. That does not mean talking or chatting with them; instead, send them regular newsletters and respond to the comments they post. Indulge with the readers on social media; especially on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. Attract readers to a “Special Day” post. Make sure the post is different from routine posts; it should be attractive to the followers of your niche, and you must deliver what you have promised. For example, you can ask your readers to send you limited-length articles, and the top five posts could be published on your blog under the visitor’s/author’s name.

Now that you have learned about the do’s and do not’s, it’s time to monetize your blogging skills.

Here are the 5 ways that will help you to make money blogging:


Google AdSense is one of the universally accepted methods that help you to generate income for your blogs. All you need to do is to create an AdSense account and paste the advertisements of AdSense on your blogs.

Every time a visitor clicks on these adverts you receive a payment in your AdSense account. However, you need to pull more traffic to your blogs for earning a considerable amount of profit.

Market your own products

Irrelevant advertisements on your blogs can be a huge turn-off to visitors. For example, if you are writing about delicious recipes and your blogs are reflecting adverts of branded clothes then the visitors may doubt the authenticity of your content.

Therefore, we suggest you to market and sell your own products on blogs that are also related to your content in some way or another. This not only brings more credibility to your blogs but will certainly help you to create a brand for yourself. We suggest this method, especially for those bloggers, who invest their full time and money into blogging.

Affiliate marketing

If you do not want to sell your own products, affiliate marketing is a way by which you can earn more money. All you need to do is sign up with an affiliate network like Amazon and market their products on your blogs.

Every time a product is sold after being diverted from your blog or website, you earn a certain amount of money. Some of the affiliate networks even pay you for just diverting a visitor to their site. For this, you just need to paste the links of your affiliate partners on your blogs.

Attract sponsors

Once your blog has created enough excitement among the readers the space available on your blogs can be utilized for the advertisement of individuals, private firms, and even the media channels.

This provides a more steady income and you will also be able to identify the source of your income.

A blog that pulls enough traffic will automatically attract sponsors and save your time and resources that are usually required for contacting promotional counselors.

Charging fees for a paid review

Blogs that do not attract many visitors generally earn less income. However, there is no need to worry as the new concept of paid reviews has given rise to more income opportunities. In this method, you can charge the business firms for putting their customer reviews on your blogs.

Important Note:

The only concern in marketing the products of private firms and dealers is that you have to be assured of their quality and authenticity.

A recommendation of a wrong product on your website can deteriorate the credibility of your blogs and maybe you will lose one of your loyal followers.

Therefore, we suggest you to carefully monitor the advertisement links that are displayed on your blogs and if you find something inappropriate in these links please remove them from your website.

These are the ways to write, publish, and monetize your blogs that will ultimately help you to generate a significant amount of money.

However, please remember that these are not the only methods by which a blogger can earn money.

New ideas and techniques are being invented and shared every day on the internet. You just need to learn and inspect them carefully as the wrong method can be utterly disheartening and will waste your precious time.

Bloggers should also learn from their previous mistakes so that they don’t get repeated. With sheer determination and hard work, every aspiring blogger can become a professional blogger.

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