Best Web Hosting Providers of All Time

Introduction to the Web- Hosting:

The service which allows individuals and the organizations to post a web page or website on Internet is called web hosting. It is a business that offers technologies and services required for the web page and website to be viewed on the Internet. Servers are the special computers for hosting a website.

Basically, the web hosts provide the space on the server in a data center is particularly owned and leased by the individual to give connectivity on the internet. The Best web hosting providers which lead in the list of the web hosting companies are:

Top web hosting Providers:

1. Hostgator web host:

Hostgator comes with some additional benefits. It is a web host which provides a wide range of the different hosting services like VPS, Reseller, Dedicated, shared and cloud also. Hostgator apart from its excellent services also provides great discount rates on the plans.

There are mainly 3 plans:

  1. Hatchling starts with $3.96/month in which you will get a single domain with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  2. The baby plan comes with an unlimited domain, unlimited Disk spaces, and unlimited Bandwidth at $6.36.
  3. A business plan is same as the baby plan only the free private SSL & Ip and a free toll-free number is provided.

The plan varies according to the discounts and offers it provides on it.

Benefits of the Hostgator

Excellent Server Performance:

The performance of the Hostgator server is recorded to perform really amazing. The uptime of 100% and the response time lasts for 24 hours. The users of the Hostgator are enjoying the performance of the server from last several months.


The operations of the Hostgator are 130% done by the wind energy. Like if 1 unit energy is used than Hostgator will be efficiently restoring 1.3 units, by Renewable energy Credits.

Upgrading Options:

Hostgator gives you various upgrading options. Thus, provides you benefits in the future also.

2. Bluehost:

Bluehost is the most famous, shared and cheap hosting among all the web hosts. Currently, the Bluehost is hosting more than 2 million websites. This web hosting is particularly required for the WordPress blog. Once the blog or the business domain is registered, web hosting is needed to host it somewhere, or to make it ‘Live’.

Some of the Benefits of the Bluehost:

Easy installation:

  • Bluehost come up with very easy installation steps and the cost is also very low.
  • Just go to the homepage of the Bluehost and click on get started now.

Excellent hosting Plans:

There are three options of the hosting plans:

  1. Basic – one website with one domain in 3$ per month.
  2. Plus – one domain with ten websites in 6.95$ per month.
  3. Pro – this option comes with unlimited websites with one domain in $14.95 per month.

Back-ups your data:

The best part of using the Bluehost web host is it regularly backups your blogs. So, you need not to worry about the data and no any WordPress plugins are required to back-up.

Excellent customer support:

This one is the good feature of the blue host, as it provides excellent customer support 24/7 to its user, which is always required.

3. MilesWeb:

MilesWeb is India’s best web hosting company provides most affordable web hosting services. Established in 2012, MilesWeb has served more than 16000 customers all over the world. It is the highest rated web hosting company having Tier-3 & Tier-4 Datacenters.

Benefits with MilesWeb:

Excellent Hosting Plan:

There are three options of the hosting plans:

  • Tyro: You can host 1 website with free SSL certificate for ₹40.
  • Swift: You get the free domain name with unlimited email accounts for ₹130.
  • Turbo: You can host unlimited websites with free domain service & unlimited SSD disk space for ₹170.

Free Domain:

  • MilesWeb provides you Free .com & .in domain name with the hosting plan.
  • You can host unlimited websites with MilesWeb.

Reliable Hosting Services:

  • MilesWeb sticks with the values they provide. They provide you the most reliable hosting solution amongst all.

24/7/365 Support:

  • They have made sure that whenever customers need any technical assistance, their experts are available 24/7/365 to fix your technical issues.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

  • MilesWeb ensures that you get the flexibility to cancel the plan within 30 days.

99.95% Uptime:

  • They are having Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers which provide you the best uptime for your website.

4. Liquid Web:

Liquid web as the web hosting company is the leader in the managed web hosting market with 20k+ customers. Liquid web is featured with some of the Best domain hosting plans like

Benefits of the Liquid Web:

Speed and Uptime:

The customer of the Liquid web is ensured with super-fast speed and 100% uptime and solid security. It owns three data centers, these data centers are featured with the fastest internet for the customers no matter from where they are using.

Privacy, security, and confidentiality:

Liquid Web ensures the security, privacy and the confidentiality of the security measures like private POD area, personal secured CCTV systems, Locking cabinets, data encryption techniques, and security scans.

VPS with Rich features and reasonable Rate:

The liquid web provides with both windows and Linux VPS hosting Packages. The packages are too reasonable for the entry level with lots of features. The package mainly contains 1GB memory with 1 CPU core and 50 GB SSD disk Space, it is very easily upgradable too, 5 TB of free and outgoing Bandwidth, instant installation with API access, also with the Firewall protection.

5. Dream Host:

Dream host as a web host has a range of plans which varies from individual to high- traffic websites. Plans in Dream Host comes with some auto-installer features like Malware Monitoring with remediation tools, Guarantee of 100% uptime and integration with cloud Flare.

Benefits of Dream host web hosting:

The reasonable plans:

There are four plans available in this web host.

  1. The first one is Shared Hosting plan, starting from $7.87 per month, which includes one free domain name and unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.
  2. The second is managed WordPress Hosting, starting from $19.95 per month, which includes 30 GB of SSD storage, optimal HHVM, automatic WordPress installation with core updates and PHP 5.5. Its main benefit is you will be having 24/7 chat support for WordPress related problems.
  3. The Third is Virtual Private Servers, starting from $15 per month this option is ideal for the e-commerce sites and the site which receives a high traffic.
  4. The Fourth one has dedicated servers, For $169 per month, includes 4 GB of RAM, for $209 8 GB RAM and $249 16 GB RAM.

Uptime and Performance:

With the stable and fast hosting experience, the dream host strong commitment of providing 100% uptime proves to be correct. Dream host takes advantage of the data centers and also ensures the customers that the hosting is eco-friendly by using renewable energy.

Ease of Use:

Unlike other web hosts, Dream host provides with the control panel customized by the user only. It becomes simple for customer to configure account, access database and access the billing details and etc

6. WPEngine:

WP engine is the extremely famous web host which only specializes in the WordPress Hosting. It is the hosting environment, designed specifically for the plug-in and the installation of the word press itself. The content management is very easy and it is pre-installed only. It is compatible with most of the plug-in of the WordPress and the installation is very easy.


  1. Reliable: The WPEngine is extremely reliable and full with user satisfaction and it guarantees the performance of the server, if not satisfied then it refunds back your money.
  2. Daily Back-up: The WP engine backs up the data daily and scans for the malware on daily basis. So, you need not to worry about the data protection and storage it is safe.
  3. Perfect servers Performance: In WP engine the uptime of the server is really good providing a full performance to the users.
  4. Not much costly: The Price ranges are also not much costly in this web host. It also depends on the traffic you are getting on your website.

7. Site Ground:

The Site Ground is the web host which chooses the software, hardware and the server architecture to meet the client’s need. The site ground Hosting Plans are like

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting has three types of plans

  1. Startup plans come with the free domain name with free set up and also provide you with free website creator so need not to hire anyone for it. It mainly comes with 10 GB web space for 10,000 visits in a month. If more traffic comes to your website then you need to upgrade to another plan.
  2. Grow Big, includes all the features included in the startup plan with multiple website hosting and the 20 GB of web spaces for 25,000 visitors in a month. Also, it gives the compatibility with WordPress and Premium Joomla integration.
  3. Go greek, the package includes 30 GB with 100000 visits in a month.


Before approaching any web hosting company for web hosting services it’s important to figure out your requirements. To establish your online presence you can choose the combination of services which caters your need. Basically, services include both basic as well as advanced web hosting functions. You must look for a web service provider who can take care of physical storage and maintenance of web servers.

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