How to Learn Computer Programming at Home

Learning computer programming is not difficult. Whether you want to learn programming as a hobby or are looking for a career change, you can learn programming with a little time and effort. There are many books that focus on teaching programming skills quickly and a wide selection of online resources available to help you get started. Once you’ve gotten involved, take your education to the next level with college, and even earn college credit and a degree. All the resources you need to learn to code at home are at your fingertips.

Step 1

Identify what you want to achieve. Learning computer programming allows you to learn how to create computer games, make apps for your cell phone, or build the next website. Computer programming is a fun and rewarding hobby, and your new skills can help you achieve personal goals, such as job advancement or a career change. Having a goal in mind will help you get started and stay focused.

Step 2

Choose a computer language. Find sites and discussion groups related to your target and get an idea of ​​what languages ​​other software developers are using. For example, if you want to develop web applications, start with JavaScript or PHP. C++ and Java are popular game programming languages. In business environments, .NET languages ​​such as Visual Basic and C# are in general use. There is no “correct” answer. Once you learn to program in one programming language, you will find that learning a second language is easier. If you’re not sure what language to start with, choose a popular object-oriented language like C++, Java, or C#.

Step 3

Get a beginner’s “how to code” book for your chosen programming language. Read the book and do the exercises. Books with titles like “Learn Program X in 21 Days” or “For Beginners” and the “Think First” series will take you to step by step through the basics of programming and the language. Check your local library or consider using an e-book subscription service like O”’Reilly’s.

Step 4

Work through online programming tutorials. Many programming languages, such as Java and PHP, offer tutorials and other learning resources on their websites. There are several websites that offer free programming tutorials.

Step 5

Watch college course lessons online. Many universities, such as MIT and Stanford, offer full course videos on their websites, YouTube, and iTunes University. Look for freshman courses in Computer Science departments.

Step 6

Take certified online programming training courses. If your goal is career advancement, certified training and testing are good investments. You will learn programming in the courses and can add the certification to your resume.

Step 7

Take an online college course. Many colleges and universities offer programming classes and some offer online degrees. In addition to course material and lessons, access to the instructor and your classmates provides additional learning resources. If your goal is a college degree, you can earn college credit. If your goal is career advancement, you can add the course to your resume.

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