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Why Majority Of Startups Fail in Social Media Marketing? Here Are 5 Major Reasons!

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It is true that many startups make social media marketing mistakes and expect a better result that actually never happens. If you have just started your startup and aiming to launch a social media marketing campaign then you should have a strategy for it.

Launching a social media marketing campaign without a strategy may affect your startup and you fail to stand out in this competitive business world. Knowing the mistakes related to social media marketing is very important for you as you try to stay away from them.

As you read this post further, you find some major social media marketing mistakes that startups make. Followings are those mistakes, so take a look at them thoroughly.

1. Having the Wrong KPIs

At the time of evaluating key performance indicators for social media marketing, dozens of startup’s owners get into vanity metrics’ trap. It means that you should be careful in this regard otherwise you may ruin your social media marketing campaign.

Startup owners measure the number of fans on either Facebook or Twitter and if they find that the numbers are growing, so they consider it the biggest achievement. You have to understand that social marketing is not different from other marketing channels. It is essential that you evaluate the actual impact of social media efforts on your business.

2. Focusing Only on Facebook

It is another common mistake that many startup owners make and you should ensure that you avoid it. Although, Facebook is the leading social media channel but it does not mean that you forget rest of social media channels.

You should also have a specific strategy for every social media channel and it produces better results thus you stand out in the business world. You should try social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, Yelp and many more.

3. Failing to Produce Social Media Engagement

All of your social media updates are useless if people do not like to respond to them. No doubt, it is the biggest failure when it comes to social media marketing. If your content on social media fails to attract people then it is of no worth.

Therefore, you have to ensure that the content is very engaging on social media and it attracts people and they do not take time to turn into your customers. Your content has to be very appealing and informative.

4. Ignoring Customers’ Expectations

Indeed! You do not like to spend time with a person who always talks about himself and never listens to you. Same is the case with your customers. If you keep revealing about your products, projects, and news without valuing customers’ expectations, then they stop following you.

It means that you should spend time on finding that what exactly your customers expect from you. It also let them understand that you value them thus they start advocating for your products on all the social media channels.

5. Depending a Lot on Automation

Depending a lot on automation is not a good practice when it comes to social media marketing. Sadly, you find the growing trend of using automatic posts on social media. You have to understand that people like to interact on social media and automatic posts come in your way in this regard.

No one stops you from using automation on social media but it has to be in limits otherwise you may lose your customers who wish to interact with you on social media.

Above-mentioned are some major social media marketing mistakes that the majority of startup owners make.  The purpose of mentioning all these mistakes is to inform about you and ask you to avoid them while making your own social media marketing strategy.

Kirsten Pike
Kirsten Pike is a digital marketing manager and has a huge insight into every business sector. She is also popular for blogging. She also provides writing services at 6 Pound Essay to students and it really helps them in completing writing projects. You can talk to him on every social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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