Ways To Improve Your Motivation Right Now

January 17, 2018 by OurNetHelps

It is ridiculous the excuses we make when it comes to personal development. It is unbelievable. What is shocking is knowing it’s important and beneficial for you.  But you rather die from thirst when the glass is in front of you.

There is a possibility for change for you. No one has denied you that right yet. The best advice I can share with you is seizing the moment. There will only be one in a million chance or opportunity for change. Why waste it away. You only have one life. It’s better to try then to wait for a boat that is never coming back.

What’s even worst is waiting for a boat when you can’t swim.

This is what you do.

Open your eyes you are not blind. Seize every opportunity you see. That is what eyes are made for; to guide you where you need to be.

The worst excuse I heard is people saying they feel hostages in their own life’s when they have the keys. No one is pulling your leg to stay, you have two hands to break free.  Stop blaming others for your faults. Change comes when you start pointing the finger at you.

Let me tell you a big secret.

I haven’t seen a liar who is successful. If you want to change and improve your life you must be honest with yourself. At the end of the day, it’s your conscious you have to live with. When you blame laziness being a block for change. It’s not. It’s you.

There is true potential for you but you decided to make friends with failure, laziness or procrastination. You made at the end of the day the decision to die slowly. You decided to bring misery in through the front door. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could build up the courage and say Not Today And shut it closed forever?

Decide to welcome smarter, stronger, wiser people in your home. Take the time to study them. Learn from their mistakes and see if your potential for change explodes. The true enemy is not them but you who welcomes people underachievers into your home. The lesson here is to be careful who you invite.

Unblocking Laziness

Because the only person who has control of the knob is you. No one in the world will open the door for you. You have legs and hands. You can do it yourself. Even if it’s lifting a finger you must do it. We live in a world where even a dime is not giving away easily. Work for it. Work for that change you need.

Change is easy. Those who say it does haven’t tried it. They are the beggars you see in life.  They are the ones who die of thirst with a cup full of water in front of them but die to wait for someone to go hand it to them.

The struggle for change is real. No one said Rome was built in a day. If laziness is your struggle then do something about it. Don’t wait for motivation to walk through the door. A company seeks the same company.

I often hear laziness is a major block for change. They see it as a boulder blocking their path. That is true. But in order for boulders to stay, you must make room. They don’t eventually come and squat where they please. They always look for those people who make comfy rent-free rooms for them. Then they become bad tenants you cannot get rid off.

So what am I saying here to you? Just stop making excuses. Get that boulder out of your home. It will only eat your groceries and free load from you.

Get a fresh start. Do something about your life. How long will it take for it to bother you at your own home? Isn’t that crazy. It’s your own home. If I were you I would kick out every rock that is in my way. I did it. So can you. What are you waiting for? For their children?

Once you have control of your mind. The biggest rock to move is you.

Let me tell you this one big gold nugget you must know. Rocks don’t move by themselves. And if they do, they only roll and stay at the same stop forever. They constantly need another force to move them. Luckily you are not a rock and can get moving without anyone’s help.

The rocks represent your life, your struggles the will to change. Rocks tend to pile up in life if you procrastinate and do not do anything about them. Then when they become a huge boulder what will you do.

In life, you are only handed a small hammer and imagine breaking away giants rocks because you decided not to do anything to self-improve. My best advice for personal change is this. Life only throws you pebbles it’s the people who let them grow instead of breaking them away when they had the chance.


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