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Top Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost your Sales Process

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If you want your social media marketing to be effective, you’ll need to invest in the right tools for the job. Tools that help you manage and optimize your posts. Marketers and digital marketing experts have their plate full these days with an ever-growing list of responsibilities. From social media optimization to advertising and holding your customers’ attention, there are a plethora of things that continue to pull you in a different directions.

In order to make your social media marketing more efficient and justify the investment, you need to be aware of important tools that can prove effective in optimizing your posts and augment your productivity.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of great social media tools available for analytics, tracking, publishing, scheduling, etc. all of which can help you succeed in your role and enhance your effectiveness.

Here in this blog, we explore a few top social media tools that could return good ROI for your business.

Let’s dive in!


BuzzSumo is a tool that makes your job incredibly easy by keeping you up to date about the trending topics and top influencers. You can use this tool to match your content with relevant topics in order to get the best results.  You can just start by searching for a topic or a domain in the box provided. BuzzSumo displays results by breaking topics trending on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit shares.

The biggest benefit of it is that you get to know which topics are trending across the board rather than looking out for them individually on different social media platforms. This, in turn, will help you pick up topics you know are likely to create a powerful impact on different social media channels.

Google Trends

And unlike Buzzsumo, Google Trends is a completely free tool from Google which the search engine giant exclusively created to help you with trending topics online.

Brands use it to stay abreast of the consumers’ mindset and changing preferences. Digital marketers extensively use this tool to gather information about the topics topmost on social media user’s mind.

The effectiveness of Google Trends does not end here. You can also use this tool to monitor trending keywords and subsequently weave your content around it.


Socedo is an immensely helpful social media tool given it automatically discovers the people on social media who match the persona of your target audience. It does so by looking at real-time social behavior and then segmenting the individuals in different categories based on that data. This way it ensures that you are putting your money and time targeting the most relevant audience.


Buffer is a suite of brand building tools that lets you carry out the entire gamut of activities related to social media under one roof. You can use it to determine the frequency of your social media posts, keep a track on their performance and manage all the accounts in one place.


Audiense is a social intelligence tool designed to help you find new target audiences and then segment them according to your brand traits. More importantly, it enhances the overall effectiveness of your social media marketing by giving you a fair idea of what makes your audience tick. This, in turn, helps engage with your audience at a more personal level. In simple terms, you can think of it as a relationship-building tool.


This is another fabulous tool that all businesses keen on enhancing their social media presence should be aware of.  It is often seen that a lot of social media managers and marketers lack the expertise to create captivating images in the absence of a professional designer. Inculcating beautiful images in your social media posts is imperative to engage your target audience.

Canva is designed keeping such marketing managers in mind as it helps in creating great-looking social media images effortlessly. You can take the help of this tool, which has a gigantic library of over two million graphic elements, to create professional images and graphics. It has plenty of ready-made templates, icons, and illustrations to help you create beautiful images without any external assistance.


Social media marketing is the first and perhaps the most important step in luring your target audience and converting them into loyal customers. The social media marketing tools we have listed here will get you started on a fruitful journey of social media optimization—and more importantly conversion.

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