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Benefits of Steel Shot Blasting Service for Your Industry

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Shot blasting is a very effective method to apply abrasive metal finishing to any surface for the purpose of cleaning it, roughening, descaling, peening, and paint preparation. In metal finishing technique, a force of compressed air ejects small blast projectiles against the surface under high pressure from the blaster to achieve the desired result, the most common of them being stainless steel shots.

The shot blasting process typically uses tiny, round stainless steel pellets between 1 mm and 6 mm for different purposes. While larger balls give rougher finish, smaller shots have a smoother, polished finish. We can use different steel shots to our benefit:

Various applications covered:

While a stainless steel grit is extensively used to clean up the surface, angular steel shots are better for harder surface cleaning and removing contaminants from a thick surface area. Steel shots provide an excellent coating for repainting on tough metal.

Increases the life of the product:

Some industries like car makers and plane manufacturers also use steel shot blasting but for increasing the life of components. Steel shots when aggressively done on the surface add to the compressive strength of the body and increase the fatigue life of various components subject to fatigue stress. Reduced fatigue loss means lower maintenance and replacement cost for parts like springs, gears, axles and knuckle joints etc.

Greater recyclable life:

Steel shots and grits are spherical in shape and made of hypereutectoid steel that is tempered to give extra strength to the media providing maximum breakdown resilience and elongating its life. The density and harshness of steel shot are compensatory to recycle it as much as 3000 times before replacement.


Steel shot is very agile to work differently because they are highly durable and retain their shape throughout the serviceable life even after multiple impacts. A steel shot can clean hard surfaces rapidly and is resilient to change its shape and stay around, so it retains its shot value.

Removes corrosion easily:

Stainless steel shot blasting is a good option when harsh rust and stubborn corrosion needs to be removed from the surface without destroying its outer layer. Corrosive collections like rust, paint chips, oil and chemical stains, chlorine scales and heat treatment scales can effectively be treated by steel blasts.

Remarkable surface treatment:

Some components require preparation before painting or coating. Steel blasting is the most efficient and effective way to prepare a metal surface because it strengthens the grip value of the surface to paint. It makes for a better bond between blasted surface and the protective coating because of enhanced pattern accuracy and increasing the lifespan of future coatings. Surface defects are also corrected by stainless steel blasting.


Due to the remarkable recycling value of steel blasts, they are highly economical in value and tend to give you great results.

Environment friendly:

One of the most valuable factors of steel blasting is that they don’t create environmental hazards as they are eco-friendly options for corrosion removal and surface preparation. The treatment is totally clean without the use of chemicals, oils or acids. The dust can be swept away by a powerful vacuum and dust collection system available in shot blasting machine.

Resource InformationSteel shots are small round pellets that are basically meant for surface treatment for paint preparation and other useful tasks like rust and corrosion removing and preparing a matte surface look on metal. It works fine peening effects to ensure a longer life to metal parts and engineering equipment.

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