How To Start Export Business In India

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How To Start Export Business In India. This ebook will be very useful to new entrepreneurs in export business, which contains

  1. How to name a company?
  2. How to register?
  3. Bank account opening assistance.
  4. Where to get an export license?
  5. What is EPC?
  6. How to find a product?
  7. How to find a buyer for that product?
  8. How to get money from the buyer?
  9. How to find the buyer is reliable?
  10. How to ensure your product?
  11. How to pack?
  12. Details of export documentation.
  13. What to do after shipment?
  14. How to fix profit?
  15. For what product you can export with maximum profit up to 45%?
  16. Which product is being exported in huge quantity?
  17. For what product you can get advance payment before export?

And more and more…