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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panels in Brisbane

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Are you tired of worrying about rising energy prices? While there was once a time when Brisbane’s population had few options when it came to powering their homes, advances in technology have changed that. One of the more popular revolutions is the use of solar power. Solar panels in Brisbane are becoming increasingly more commonplace, especially following the Australian Government’s push towards increased renewable energy use. If the idea of saving money and greener living appeals to you, now’s the time to learn more about solar energy.

Almost anyone can benefit from solar panels in Brisbane

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the average number of sunshine hours per day in Brisbane is 5.5 hours. This is more than sufficient for developing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and reducing your monthly energy bills.

In addition to the high number of sunshine hours, the selection of systems available makes Solar Panels Brisbane a reality for many. At the smaller end of the scale, dependable installation companies provide 5 kW systems. This has long proved to be a green energy favourite amongst average-sized households, as it provides enough power for up to four people. Many who take an interest in green energy are surprised to learn that the scale of solar system sizes doesn’t end there.

The range of Solar System sizes is bigger than ever

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering whether you can use solar panels in Brisbane too. It now appears as though technology has developed to the stage where organizations of any size can depend on solar energy.

At Arise Solar, we aim to facilitate this by providing solar systems up to 100 kW in size. While 100 kW solar systems aren’t our most in-demand product, they do make life easier for a niche selection of businesses. For example, those that function in remote areas surrounding Brisbane can create an off-grid system. Similarly, the use of 100 kW solar systems allows businesses to meet all their energy needs while having a little spare electricity on the side to sell back to main grid suppliers.

There’s good news for those who want more flexibility when it comes to the size of residential solar systems too. The 5kW system has always proved popular for homeowners with low to moderate energy usage. For those who need a little more, 6.6kW systems are available. Many customers choose a slightly bigger system to accommodate for changes in their energy usage. For example, you may want larger solar panels in Brisbane if you’re planning on expanding the number of people in your household.

Financing Solar Panels in Brisbane is now more accessible

If the accessibility of solar panels in Brisbane is making you feel excited, you may now be wondering whether it’s financially feasible. There’s no denying that switching from mostly relying on grid electricity to generating your own is a great money-saving tactic in the long-term. To get to that point, you do need to pay for your solar panels and their installation.

If you can’t pay for your solar panels in Brisbane with a cash down payment, where do you go from there? The Arise Solar team helps our customers work around this with a simple 0% finance agreement. If you choose to use us for your solar panels in Brisbane, you’ll benefit from the assurance that we’ll never add interest to your plan. Providing you meet our credit criteria, this is an excellent way to hop onto the solar energy bandwagon.

If you like the idea of a 0% interest agreement, but you’d rather turn elsewhere, you still have options. The State of Queensland offers interest-free loans to homeowners and small business owners who want solar panels and battery storage. You can choose to use their loans for the solar panels alone, the battery storage, or both.

Finally, if you find that neither option is available to you, you could try a green loan provider. Their interest rates are usually lower than personal loans, which means there’s reduced financial risk. When taking out an interest-based loan, always ensure you’re planning for future financial circumstances too. Consider whether you can meet the costs if someone in your household loses their job or if interest rates suddenly rise. And, we wholeheartedly recommend speaking to a financial professional to be on the safe side.

There are lots of reasons to choose solar energy

Why should you install solar panels in Brisbane anyway? It’s a significant change to make to your property, so we’re not surprised you want decent reasons for doing so.

You’ll save money

Although there are reports that energy prices will dip in Australia temporarily, history tells us that this isn’t a permanent economic feature. You’re likely to see them rise, eventually. Installing solar panels in Brisbane means that you free yourself from the constraints of electricity price rises.

Greener living benefits everyone

Greener living isn’t just a trend that will come and go. It’s a conscientious lifestyle that people of all ages invest in. When you choose to install solar panels in Brisbane, you’re reducing the number of greenhouse gases you produce. In terms of your local ecosystem, this results in less pollution. In a broader sense, you’re living in a way that’s better for the planet as a whole.

Your business will have an impact on the economy

Like many countries, Australia needs to turn to foreign fuel sources from time to time. This isn’t always good for our economy, which means business owners need to find a way to stop it from happening. Using solar panels in Brisbane reduces the country’s reliance on foreign fuels. Not only does this make excellent economic sense, but it could also make your organization more appealing to your target audience.

Are you enticed by the idea of solar panels in Brisbane? Rest assured, there’s a system out there for homes and businesses of almost any size. To discuss your needs further, contact the Arise Solar team on 1300 274 737.

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