SEO Trends 2022: 10 Important Trends to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Marketing directions regularly require improvements, changes in the main components of the field, including SEO. Technological progress does not stand still, which entails constant updates, the launch of innovative technologies. Search engine optimization is no exception. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance the main SEO trends for 2022 in order to develop a more effective and “working” brand promotion strategy.

What are SEO Trends 2022?

SEO trends 2022 (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions aimed at improving the site and promoting its position in the search results in the TOP leaders. The main task is to attract customers to the marketing funnel. Several updates are expected in 2022 regarding Google algorithms, user experience improvements. As a result, most of the changes will affect the SEO area as well.

It is important to prioritize search engine optimization in the coming year, as investments in this area will guarantee good performance and the overall success of your ad campaign. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top SEO 2022 trends, and predictions to understand why it’s important to invest and devote time to this area. Knowing the SEO requirements is important in order to set high goals and achieve them, be successful and productive in the market, and stand out from the competition.

To stay in the TOP in terms of the popularity of queries, you need to follow the trends in the field of SEO, which change from year to year, the factors necessary in order to offer web users rich and high-quality content. If you follow the new SEO trends for 2022, there is an opportunity to keep up with the active development of technology and get high positions in SEO optimization, while improving the user experience.

Top SEO Trends for 2022

1. Artificial intelligence

It is a new way to interact with your audience through online content and revolutionize the legacy model. An intelligent algorithm shows the user the information that interests him the most, making it easier to search the web. At the moment, search engines are not spreading their technologies and achievements. However, it is believed that this will improve the user experience while searching. Factors may be included, depending on the click-through rate as well as up to the time spent on the page. To do this, you need to engage readers with useful and well-structured content, which will make it easier for users to find the information they need or a specific brand on any platform.

2. Voice search

Voice assistants, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa are already used in mobile gadgets, but in 2022 the percentage of users will increase. Еmarketer is a large American market research company, analyzed, as a result of which in 2019, 33% of the population used a voice assistant in their daily life. This tool provides lightness and comfort compared to typing by hand. Agree, it’s easier to ask a query in the search field just by speaking the keywords. This technology will only progress and become an SEO trend in 2022.

To improve SEO for your own brand in this specific search area, you should focus on keywords and phrases with additional wording. The voice assistant works better with more detailed queries. When typing by hand, users tend to abbreviate words. As you prepare for SEO 2022, it’s important to properly optimize your content to respond to a voice query and target your keywords accordingly.

3. SEO with video

An innovative SEO trend in 2022, while actively developing in recent years. There are already over a billion users on the Youtube platform. Instagram and Tiktok also have multi-million dollar audiences. Based on a survey published by Statista, 27% of people spend at least 10 hours a week on video, while 15.4% spend 7-10 hours and 18.3% spend 4-7 hours. It can be concluded that users love to watch videos. For this reason, better SEO 2022 with platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok has become more of a necessity rather than a priority.

The introduction of video content into search engine optimization requires attention not only to the main keywords, but also to the secondary ones. Google no longer just looks at strings of words. Now, this is an on-demand context analysis and an attempt to understand the main purpose of a user’s search. This means that it is important to provide more relevant information using primary and secondary keywords.

4. Adaptation of content for mobile devices

Today, most users prefer to surf the Internet using a mobile gadget or tablet. In 2022, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website in order to rank higher in search engines. In 2019 Google announced that any website without such support is of little value to the system, given the indexing of mobile devices.

Implementing the SEO 2022 trend involves several key aspects.

  • you need to optimize the design of the website to automatically adapt to the size of any screen.
  • there must be a suitable display that automatically integrates with any resolution, regardless of the tablet, phone model.
  • provide an application to download and install on iOS and Android systems.
  • choose a design for a website or application that will simplify mobile access and navigation.
  • pre-test for mobile via google search. This way, you can access the mobile usability report in Google Search Console.

5. Google EAT

Google service always indicates that the quality of the content is of great importance in the search query. This will directly affect the position in the search results. The main factors that determine the level of content quality are experience, authority, and reliability. This principle is critical to SEO and ranking success. With the help of the EAT, Google can distinguish between a website that offers substandard or inappropriate information from a website that provides rich and reliable content. Therefore, the SEO trend of 2022 is the creation of content in accordance with the requirements of Google.

To write well, you need to reach your target audience, define and understand what they want. A full-fledged assembled image will allow you to study interests, and subsequently present the relevant content. Be sure to use links to official sources, which will significantly increase the level of trust. Being the first on the search list means focusing on the Google EAT principle, respecting the factors indicated.

6. Featured Snippets

Google has developed special blocks with important information. This feature provides users with the fastest and most up-to-date information in an easy and accessible way. The main goal is to answer questions as quickly as possible and improve the user experience.

Thus, by reducing the time spent, the interaction is improved. From the point of view of SEO-optimization, first of all, this option is considered “useful for the user”. Also, it will increase the percentage of organic impressions, you can be included in the list of authoritative sources in 2022.

7. Long and high quality content

Another SEO trend in 2022, which only came over time. More attention is paid to the content, special requirements are put forward. Long but engaging and interesting text generates more traffic. It is important to focus on preparing relevant and high-quality information, but as fun as possible. Be sure to use headings, divided into subheadings, which makes it easier for Google bots to index and crawl the article.

8. Availability

The number of people on the Internet is increasing every day, including people with visual impairments or other disabilities. Therefore, the key factor will be the use of tools in order to be seen and found by every user. Making content, services, products and more universally accessible will not only help you advance in the rankings, but will also improve customer service.

9. User experience

Quality of Service is a 2022 SEO trend that goes hand in hand with the usability requirements that Google mentioned in the latter renewal. Google will take the user experience of the site into account in order to rank it appropriately. These include factors that affect page load time, number of redirects, images, and page length. Google will check the basic parameters of the page, as well as the usability and navigation of the site both on the computer and on mobile devices, the placement of buttons, the display of dynamic images (pop-ups). The new update also means that the use of the AMP format is no longer a prerequisite.

10. Optimization and download speed

This SEO 2022 trend should be taken out as a separate item. Almost all components of high-quality promotion next year are aimed at optimizing the page, reducing the loading of information and images to a minimum. The site should load quickly without losing the quality of the content. Users are becoming more selective and impatient, so it is important to adapt to changes in human behavior.


Relevant SEO trends 2022 will allow you to embrace and keep up with new trends. Updates will help you stay on top, get into the TOP leaders in search queries, increase the growth and development of your own business. Knowing SEO trends in 2022 can bring many benefits to a website and brand, in addition to achieving higher rankings. This is an opportunity to prepare in advance and successfully implement the developed principles in the marketing strategy for the next year.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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