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Things You Wish You Would Done When You are Pregnant

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Pregnant women everywhere often worry that they wasted their pregnancy period whining about the swollen feet, worrying about the scans and yelling at their husbands for not reading any baby books. But, you actually forget that this is the time where you can enjoy the most and do whatever you wish to do. Your pregnancy time will go quickly and soon you’ll deliver your bundle of joy and you’ll be pleading to get some time to sleep. Here is a list of things that you can do during your pregnancy and be starting a new family.

Have a “me time”

Spend some lonely time because you’ll not be able to be alone after your delivery for a very long time. So spend some healthy time in solitude. Stay away from your mobile and other electronic gadgets that distract you.

Say Yes to an instant plan

If your friend offers you an extra movie ticket just before the show starts, accept the offer. Once you have your kid, you’ll not be able to have a free schedule to watch a movie or a concert.

Enjoy being an all-nighter

Stay out till late night doing something fun. Don’t worry about the time and your next day work schedules. After your baby is born you’ll definitely have to be an all-nighter, but with your colicky baby.

Spend your day in bed

Switch off your alarms and change your routine wake up time. Spending more time in your bed is impossible once you deliver your baby. So spend additional time in the bed so that you feel tired of sleeping.

Have a visit to an amusement park

Of course, you cannot ride the roller coasters or jolter rides, but act like a kid and enjoy every moment in the park. Because once you have grown up kids and visit the amusement park, it will not look in a pleasant way.

Hit up the bar

You would have had childless nights and walked into various fertility treatment centers to get your dream baby. Now the baby is yours. It doesn’t mean you should drink to have a good time. Have a party time without drinks.

Be selfish

When you’re feeling hot and everyone else is cold, do not bother to crank up that A/C. This is the time where everyone adjusts to your comfortability.

Make the most of your luxuries

Instead of carrying books on pregnancy tips, fill your bag with beautiful dresses. You cannot wear those dresses once your bump starts showing.

Fling watch your favorite TV shows

This is the right time for you to knock out each season of your favorite TV show with a bowl of popcorn of your favorite snacks. Perfect idea, isn’t it?

Pick your favorite movie to watch

On a film night out with your hubby or friends, demand viewing your top pick. Take control and watch what you want. Once your baby is born you cannot go out for movies for a really long time.

Take a long bath

Make use of your favorite scented candles, bath oils, fancy towels and play your favorite music. Make your bath time feel like an occasion.

Use your designer handbags

Soon your designer handbags will be replaced with large size diaper bags. So make use of your designer bags now.

Go out for supper

Treat yourself to a good supper at your favorite hotel. After your delivery going out for a dinner will require proper planning and coordination from your kid, husband, and family.

Spend a long time on your hair

Now is the time you can choose your favorite hairstyle and try it on your hair. Wash your hair, blow dry it and run your hairbrush through your hair. Take an extra hour before the mirror.

Plan a girly weekend away

Invite all your girlfriends and plan a weekend trip. Because once all of you are married and start having kids, it’s impossible to plan a weekend trip.

Go on lots of date nights

Organize fun things along with your partner. Go to concerts, movies, dinner, and shows. After delivery, you’ll never be able to spend quality romantic time with your husband.

Get your camera ready and take weekly belly pics

Charge your camera and take pics of your belly every week. You’ll definitely be happy to see it in the future.

 Read a book

This is the perfect period where you’ll get undisturbed time to get lost in the pages of a book. Do not miss this opportunity.

As you get ready to welcome your little one, do not forget to take time for yourself. Acknowledge and appreciate the little happiness in doing these things while you’re pregnant.

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