How to Develop Your Money Making Ideas

February 8, 2017 by OurNetHelps

However, don’t think that your options are limited in fact, your money making ideas are unlimited, especially if you can create a breakthrough product, service, or idea. Everybody’s minds work differently, so it would be impossible to list every single great money making idea in the world here. However, you can learn how to develop your ideas so that whenever something comes to your mind, you can get up and take action.

Keep Your Ideas Together.

If an amazing idea comes to your mind but you don’t have the time and/or resources to work on it yet, write it down and keep all of your ideas together. You can keep an idea notebook or even write them down on slips of paper and keep them in a box. Don’t hesitate to write your ideas down because they can become easily forgotten and by writing them down, you pose a higher chance of taking action on them. If writing them down is your thing, a digital voice recorder can come in very handy. You can quickly record any idea you may have and then store all those ideas in a prominent place on your computer that you can easily listen to at your convenience.

Be Knowledgeable.

Although it may seem like it, most ideas don’t just appear out of nowhere. Often times, they’re derived from something that already exists. People who have a talent for taking a new angle on something old would probably agree. Do what you can to stay knowledgeable and up to date on current events for the best chance of coming up with an idea.


Sometimes a great idea can come from simply connecting the dots between two things. Have an open mind and don’t be afraid to think. When you open your mind up, it can be much easier to make a genius realization. Be creative and use your imagination to your advantage. Ask yourself, “what if” questions.

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Test out Your Idea.

If applicable, test out your idea before you put it into action. This can be as simple as gathering up a handful of clients for a soft-sell or going out into the real world and using your observational skills to confirm your theories and ideas. By testing out your idea before you take action on it, you can potentially save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you find the idea might not work as well as you imagined.

Watch Your Timing.

Timing can make or break your idea. Take for example the Power Glove for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which came out in the 1980′ s. The concept of the Power Glove was that the player could put the glove, which had a built-in controller/computer, on their hand and control the game by the movement of their hand, arm, and fingers. The product failed miserably and the technology worked poorly.

However, Nintendo rolled out the Wii gaming console in the late 2000′ s which came with technology that allows players to control the game wirelessly with a motion-censored controller. It’s pretty much the same concept of the Power Glove, just without the glove. The Wii was a huge success and is now Nintendo’s main gaming system. So they had the idea in the 80′ s but had to wait until the technology was better to fully implement it for mass success.

Is Your Idea Helpful? All in all, ask yourself if your idea will help people. If it doesn’t help people in any way, it probably will not be as profitable as you had hoped.

Consumers buy things to solve problems more than they buy things just for fun.

In conclusion, no matter what your idea is, know that you can develop it into something great. Use this checklist to make sure that your idea is awesome from the start:

  • Would my idea solve a real problem among people?
  • How can I develop my idea to make it a solution?
  • Am I passionate about my idea?
  • Is my idea testable?
  • Is the world ready for my idea right now or would it be better to wait?

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