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Malaria Prevention: 5 Significant Tips to Consider

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If you are planning on visiting an exotic destination on your next winter holidays, the first and most important thing that you have to do is check the region and understand whether it is a mosquito prone area. If you are visiting a mosquito prone area, there is a high chance of getting infected with diseases like dengue, yellow fever, and malaria.

If you are interested in malaria prevention, you need to know about certain important tips that will help you to stay healthy. Given below is a list of important tips that you can consider for avoiding malaria.

1. Determine the risk

Conduct thorough research and get information regarding the destination along with the risk associated with getting infected with malaria. Certain important things that need to be considered include the time when you are traveling, the duration of the stay, the things that you are planning to do and the place where you are interested in staying. The risk of catching infections can vary. You can prevent yourself from getting infected if you have proper knowledge about that area.

2. Stay in properly screened areas

It is suggested that you avoid sleeping in areas where mosquitoes love to reside. For example, you cannot stay near standing water, like waste dumps, lakes, and unused tires. If you sleep in tents, you need to ensure that no holes are present and the doors are closed properly. This might be an extremely basic rule that helps in increasing the success associated with preventing malaria.

3. Use bed nets that are impregnated with insecticides

You need to make sure that you are checking whether the bed net that you are using is not damaged. You also have to ensure that you are tucking it properly underneath the mattress. Apart from that, your room should have additional nets that are attached to both the doors as well as windows. Also, keep your air conditioning on because mosquitoes do not prefer staying in cool and air-conditioned rooms.

4. Use mosquito repellents

It is suggested that you use insect sprays that contain pyrethroids. These sprays should be used for sleeping as well as living areas during the evening and night time. You can also use natural mosquito repellents like camphor, lavender oil, citronella oil, etc. If you are going to a high-risk area, it is suggested that you carry a test kit along with you so that you can perform the blood tests on your own to understand whether you are infected. To purchase the test kits, you can visit the reputed website of Mybiosource.

You also need to use insect repellent lotions and creams on those parts of the body that are exposed. Use repellents that have a concentration of 20% DEET. This will help in protecting you effectively from getting mosquito bites.

5. Choose clothes that have long sleeves

According to zavamed.com, it is suggested that you wear dresses that have long sleeves especially in the evening and during the night. If you expose less skin, it is going to be better for you. Apart from that, you also have the option of treating all the clothes with the chemical permethrin, to increase the protection.


Make sure that you are well versed with the malaria guidelines that are present in your country. Also, consider Malaria prevention tips that have been mentioned above so that you can prevent yourself from malaria.

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