How to Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

September 1, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Local SEO involves applying techniques to rank in local search results that provide relevant results to users based on their location. Local SEO practices are important for businesses that have a fixed physical location and get a significant chunk of their business from that particular location.

In general Local Search is useful for local businesses that range from Selling Furniture, Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones, Travel Packages, Weekend Getaways, Corporate Events, Local Events, Music Events to the Best Deals in Town, Movie Tickets, Trainings, Classes, Gyms, Doctors, Hospitals, ATM’s and a lot more.

There are so many things and so many places where we all need local search results and listings. Local search engine optimization does not have any shortcuts; it is an on-going business promotion activity, which is done online to gain popularity and reach. It attracts an audience that may interact with you. User interaction signals can give your site a higher prominence score in Google local algorithms.

This allows you to be visible to local customers in local search results and appear on map results as well which is important because it shows your location and contact information and is visible to people looking for your business while they’re out and about. This contact information appears in the search results so people don’t need to open your website and especially look for your contact information.

Local SEO involves making efforts in the following areas:

1. Google My Business Page

2. On-site optimization with geo-targeted keywords

3. Citation Building

4. Social Reviews (Facebook Reviews & Google+ Reviews)

5. Local Links (local sites, local directories)

If you want to do Local SEO yourself or engage someone else, as an SEO expert to do it for you than knowing the below points will make it easy for you to judge what is critical and what is not.

Some Local pointers for you:

1. Get search rankings on a normal and local search for your website.

2. Spread information and details about your business.

3. Get social! Promote your business and yourself.

4. Let your customers promote you.

5. Track local trends.

Get Search Rankings on Normal and Local Search for Your Website

Your website plays a big role in getting good rankings on local search and normal search results. There are some key points you always have to remember if you want your website to be listed on search engines results:

1. Make the website structure accessible and clear.

2. Make your website useful & fill it with good and useful content.

3. Keep it easy for users to contact you through the website.

Spread Information and Details about Your Business

The internet is all about information. If the most important information is your business details like business name, postal address, phone number, service description, pictures, working hours, etc.

You can make it more useful for the users if you add some of this information as well.

1. Get find on local directories and websites.

2. Fix incorrect data and information about the company, if any.

3. Be your own representative & Take control of online information.

Get social! Promote your Business and Yourself

“Social votes” are becoming more important than the traditional link popularity concept. Although we have these local search results and listings with reviews and ratings, there is still one more thing that encourages our decision of making a selection and that is my friend or connection’s reference for the product or service.

Having a strong social presence in your locale will help you earn trust and new customers.

There are few things that you can do to start with Social Media:

1. Select the most prominent social media sites and register your business there.

2. Let the website visitors and bloggers talk about your Business online.

Let your Customers Promote You

You can ask your customers to leave some reviews and feedback on the services offered. So that whenever there is an inquiry on the related services, the user will be able to find your company and check your ratings and review before contacting you for the services.

In a way, it advertises your business or services and builds a trust level with a prospect customer, as it is based on an existing customer’s feedback and experience while working with you.

Track Local Trends

Track local trends; see what the talk of the town is and how you can use it for your business promotion. This might sound more like an offline traditional way of promoting business. However, this is a very fresh way to get in your customer’s mind and make them check out your website.

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