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How to Improve Your Video Transitions as a Beginner

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It’s common to marvel at how great a video is, and maybe even share it widely or refer people to have a glimpse of it. Even though as a beginner, you know what transpired in creating that video from the beginning to the end. Well, the whole world of video editing which includes transitions can look tricky at first, especially with thoughts of transition effects, right? No need to panic or think of how complicated it is. Take it easy, video editing is interesting and it is much easier with the use of an online video editor, which is fast and reliable. So take your time and learn more about it.

Well-done transitions can make your video great. But don’t forget that poorly done transitions also ruin your video if used incorrectly. As a beginner, you may be having basic knowledge of creating and using various transitions when working on your video. But if you are not satisfied and still yearn to improve your video transitions, then you are not reading this by mistake. Read on to find what will be useful for you to make that improvement that you long for.

Knowing about Video Transitions

Knowing the common transitions is one of the ways to improve your video transitions. This is because you will know from the start what you want to deal with and what it entails. It is good to work with what you are comfortable with. As a beginner, it is in your best interest not only to know the video transitions but also to explain how they work. This will greatly help you make the right decision when you want to settle on a transition for your video. Some of the most common transitions are; cut, fade, dissolve, wipe, dip and push just to name a few.

By knowing them you will know why to leave out a particular transition. Some are fun but can make your clips look chaotic. So, it is good to know about them so that you won’t be disappointed after going through the editing process.  Anyway, you will be much at ease when you identify the best transitions. You can then make use of an online video editor for further editing. This is before switching back to working on the transitions. One of the reasons to use an online video editor is to save you more time. It’s convenient, especially in the other aspects involved in video editing.

Prior Planning

It is wise to plan how you want to do your transition if you want to execute everything well. Planning will help you know if you want to combine the transitions and what the outcome will be.  For instance, if you deem it fit to use the blocking technique, planning will help you to identify how to do the combination.  Wonder how this is possible? Just picture this; you are using an object to block the camera’s view. You show a different scene when you move it away.

Also, use a wipe transition if your footage is right. But if you plan well to combine with the blocking technique, the transition will be simple. This will without a doubt guarantee you great results that will improve your video. It also looks less complicated with prior planning. An online video editor will give you the freedom to upload your own footage if you had a plan in mind for the video you want to upload. This will be done smoothly without any complications.

Choosing the Right Online Video Editor

The continuous advance in technology led to the birth of online video editing tools. They are simple to use and offer many transition options for you to choose from. On the other hand, non-linear editors, a type of offline editing software, also contain a majority of the transitions inbuilt as presets. The various video editing software work uniquely on adjusting and applying the transitions.

So as a beginner, you have to settle on the right video editor that will help you to come out with a great end product.  Even if you are using non-linear editors, the online video editor will be useful because all you will need is a web browser. Many cloud video editing platforms have audio libraries, stock photos, and videos which will give you a variety of media to choose from for your video. This will save you time when coming up with content and help you focus more on improving your transitions.

Final Thoughts

Transitions are very important when it comes to any image in motion. But you rarely think of it until you are doing the editing. However, with the surge in YouTube videos and other video productions you can now see their importance, as it has come out more clearly. You should not underestimate the power of a transition. Keep in mind that even if your content is great but you have done the transition poorly, it will ruin your entire video. So, strive to work on your video transitions if you don’t want all your efforts to go down the drain simply because you failed in transition.

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