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How AI-powered Chatbots are Changing the Business Dynamics

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There was a time when having conversations with machines depicting human behavior and emotions was considered hysterical. However, in recent years, the AI-powered chatbots have completely revolutionized industrial operations. These are integrated into apps, social media channels, and websites owing to their enhanced customer service applications and round-the-clock availability.

The AI chatbots have nullified the constraints suffered due to human limitations, aiding business scales to boost productivity, enhance customer engagement, and cut costs.

Chatbots have already transformed various sectors of the industry, entailing that this AI-fuelled innovation is invaluable for business operations.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that can have real human conversations with people. Chatbots decipher text-based signals or pre-calculated user phrases to stimulate interactive human conversations such that, at some point, it is difficult to know whether users are speaking with a robot or a human agent.

The chatbots are a result of major transformations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The modern AI-chatbots can interpret every human response and provide information relevant to it without any human intervention.

Chatbots have been in the industrial market for quite some time now, however, enterprises have recently realized its true potential for business growth.

Types of chatbots 

There are two categories of chatbots. One command-based and the other AI-based.

The command-based chatbots are backed with a database of replies and heuristics. The bots will reply to a query with an answer, based on the context. Such chatbots are not able to generate new texts and only rely on the data that is fed to them.

The AI-based chatbots are the intelligent bots since they can answer to ambiguous questions as well. These bots answer a query based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. They become smarter with time, learn from the previous customer encounters, store customer response behavior, and predict customer talking patterns as well.

Why do businesses need chatbots?

Chatbots employ its usage in all segments of the industry, be it, messaging apps, business websites, or e-commerce stores. Enumerable businesses are encapsulating AI technology with chatbots, for better customer experience and ROI results. Furthermore, according to a report by Gartner Inc, 25% of the customer service operations will be operated and managed by virtual assistants, mainly, chatbots.

In the coming years, It will cast an important influence in major industry segments. For the same, many businesses are incorporating AI and bots into their business structure. The following are some reasons why every business needs a chatbot.

1. Unwearyingly 24/7 availability

Chatbots offer a time-saving solution. Suppose, someone visits your website, at a time when there is no employee available to address their queries. This is when they can indulge in instant responses and automated replies. This way, you will not have to depend on manual staff to answer the customer requests, the chatbot can get to back to them, and in no time clear all their doubts, with suitable solutions. It will also reduce the workload on the human workforce, provide better customer experience, and the tech-friendly chatbots will cast a good image in the mindset of the consumer about your enterprise.

2. An active marketing channel for online platforms 

Chatbots have transformed the way humans interact with technology. As per Business Insider, 80% of businesses will want chatbots integrated into their systems, by 2020. The easy integration of chatbots into business operations is due to its dynamic conversational capabilities. This, in turn, fuels its power to improve customer engagement, reduce costs, generate leads, provide 24/7 support, and improve internal functioning as well.

Chatbots are an effective tool to funnel through marketing strategies and take over mundane or repetitive tasks. Adding a marketing chatbot to your business architecture will be a major competitive advantage.

3. Study Customer Insights 

It offers an effective aid to gain customer insights to deliver a rich consumer experience. Chatbots not only function as a conversational platform, but it also collects information about customers, analyses it, and helps in predicting customer behavior in terms of preferences, interest areas, mindset, and product fondness, to modify the customer targeting strategy accordingly. This way, you can script a better marketing approach for your business.

4. Rank higher on the customer satisfaction level 

With human agents, exhaustion is a reality. You cannot expect humans to not get tired and work 24/7 without any breaks. This is where they can help businesses with their round the clock availability. It can take over to enterprise operations in the absence of the human workforce, solve customer complaints, offer them relatable solutions, and even gain insights on consumer behavior. Partnering human agents with AI-chatbots will help in improving overall operational efficiency.

5. Connect with the Global market 

In fact, Chatbots are a global phenomenon of business around the world. No matter if your business is a local or a global brand, you will need customers from different geographical regions to land on your website. This is how you can expand your business proposition and acquire a diverse customer pool. Furthermore, you will need a staff trained for multi-linguistic functionality. Since it is not possible with human agents, It can be fed with data to tackle global clients and turn them into leads.

How to effectively design your business chatbot?

  • They are about personalization. Consumers will feel more attached to the bot if it greets them with their name.
  • The design of a bot should be unique.
  • Use high-quality links and high-resolution pictures to help your bots to respond better.
  • Minimize grammatical errors in your bot replies by linking them to an NLP library.

Concluding Thoughts

Indeed, Automation is a necessity of modern markets. With every new development, we move an inch closer to a digital future. As a result, Chabot’s are an important inclusion of that future and are highly needed for business development.  

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