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Choose the Best Tool for your IT Department to Run and Perform (Help Desk Vs Service Desk Vs ITSM)

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Nowadays, the world has become digitalized. When you look at the things, every process has been automated in order to provide better user/customer experience, fast & accurate service. Enhancing the alignment between business and IT is the most effective way to strategic the value of your company then, How do you get that?

This post talks about one of the most important automated system for an IT department to work more efficiently in an organization. That is nothing, which is called IT help desk software. Many of the companies haven’t had help desk tool since they really don’t know either such solution exists or which solution is right to handle their customer issues. Even if they can figure out a few right solutions, they struggle to filter the best based on their requirements on affordability, reliability etc.

Furthermore, many of us are getting confused because of the terms that have been used in  IT services. So, before choosing the best tool for your business it’s necessary to understand few terms and their differences as listed below.

* IT help desk (also called help desk)
* IT service desk (also called service desk)
* IT service management (ITSM)
* IT service support management (ITSSM)
* Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

IT Help Desk: The primary goal is, resolve end user immediate requirements, issues, and incidents efficiently and quickly as possible. I.e, Focuses on only solving on end user issues.

IT Service Desk:  The primary goal is, provide Single Point of Contact (SPOC) between users and IT staffs, and also satisfy both customers and IT provider goals. Typically, it manages incidents, service request, and also communication with the users. I.e, Focuses on solving issues for both end user and employee/IT staff.

IT Service Support Management (ITSSM): The primary goal is, manage support and delivery of IT services. Typically, this is an essential tool for infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations to manage the support & delivery of IT services. Also, this is classified based on the ITSM (IT Service Management) and integration with ITOM (IT Operation Management).

IT Service Management (ITSM): The primary goal is, deliver valuable service to the end user rather than manage technology. ITSM is the whole of activities directed by policies, processes, and procedures which are performed by an organization to plan, design, deliver, operate and control IT services offered to customers.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL): Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of best practices for IT service management (ITSM). Typically, this focuses on lineup IT services with business requirements. I.e, ITIL is a library of process standards (framework) for IT service management (ITSM).

(To understand more, look at the infographic for quick instance)

Relationship Between Help desk, Service desk, ITSSM & ITSM

As I mentioned earlier, the ultimate aim of these tools is enhancing the alignment between business and IT to increase the organization growth. When it comes to relationships between the terms, the help desk is a subset of service desk and service desk (depends on how the company defines it) is a subset of ITSSM and ITSSM is a subset of ITSM.

Help Desk Vs Service Desk Vs ITSM

However, the distinction between the terms help desk vs service desk and IT service management (ITSM) vs IT support service management (ITSSM) is pretty cool. i.e, These terms differ based on the organization activity or process and defined based on ITIL guidelines. Truly, it relies on meeting your customer and business requirements such as organization perspective, size, the level of the IT issues and so on.

hepdesk Vs servicedesk Vs ITSM

Now, as you came to know the differences between the processes, figure out the best tool that matches your business requirements based on the level of IT issues, ITSM maturity, and organization size.

ServiceDesk Plus is an ITIL based ITSM, Service Desk and Help Desk software solution that integrates all of the essential IT tools into one product. Its rich set of features includes a powerful Help Desk, IT Asset Management, and other easy-to-use tools for analyzing and optimizing IT performance.

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