Google will no longer support part of the tags for images and videos in the Sitemap

Google has announced that it will no longer support some of the tags and attributes in sitemaps from August 6, 2022. Changes will affect individual attributes and tags in sitemaps for images and videos. 

Google has officially decided to deprecate and remove the following tags and attributes from its documentation: 

  • Sitemap for images : caption, geo_location, title, license. 
  • Video Sitemap : category, player_loc[@allow_embed], player_loc[@autoplay], gallery_loc, price[@all], tvshow[@all]. 

Google says developers can keep these tags and attributes for the time being. In the future, Search Console may start showing warnings about obsolete tags and attributes in sitemaps. 

Recall that earlier Google published the annual Ads Safety Report, in which it said that it blocked more than 3.4 billion ads in 2021. 

Source: Google blog

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