Google Ads Introduces Offline Conversion Import Tool

Google Ads announced The Offline Conversion Import (OCI) helper.

As reported in Google Ads Help , it will allow advertisers to measure customer behavior after a call or click on an ad. Later, this data can be used to find similar leads.

How OCI works:

OCI’s Assistant will provide company employees with detailed instructions to help track the path of potential customers from contacting an advertisement to completing a deal.

To get started, you need to go to the tool page and set up data exchange between OCI and your Google Ads account. Advertisers can set up integration with an existing ad account or create a new one.

The system then prompts you to answer a few questions about the business, advertising, tracking data, and the path of potential customers to purchase. Also, the advertiser will need to fill out the information about the team that is working on the promotion, and prescribe the role of each employee in the transaction process.

Each employee will then be notified by mail of the need to act and detailed instructions from the OCI Assistant.

A centralized dashboard helps advertisers monitor workflows and track progress.

Conversion Import Tool

The Google team plans to implement more options in the tool by the end of 2021

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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