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Understanding The Different Types Of Yarns

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Clothing and apparel are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of living a better life. In order to bring about the creation of different clothing items in the process of knitting. This process has been evident since the ancient times. There are multiple types of yarns that are available in the market and depending on the same, we get all our clothes and apparels. Here is a small guide to different types of yarns that you can find at some of the best online yarn stores.

Types of yarn fibers

Here are the types of yarns to choose from when looking for that perfect yarn:

1. Wool fiber

Wool fiber is the most common of all the yarns that are available in the world today. Wool fiber is extracted from she upper layering of sheeps. This is the best fiber to be worn during extremely cold temperatures as it acts as an insulator and locks warmth within the garments. The clothes and garments created from this material are extremely durable and long-lasting.

2. Cashmere

This is one of the most expensive type of fibre in the world. It is also extremely fluffy and soft in its texture. It is a type of luxury cloth and is extracted from the specialized type of goats known as the cashmere goats. Cashmere is a primitive name of the word Kashmir which is a place located in India.

3. Silk

Silk is yet another luxurious type of fiber which is extracted out of silkworm. It is an expensive and extremely smooth fiber and comes with great strength and a lot of luster. The yarns of silk fiber are available in a number of online as well as offline stores. It is yet another common type of fiber to be sold in the worldwide market. It is very slippery in its appearance as well as texture.

4. Acrylic

This is a man-made fiber and is not extracted from any natural source. It is also one of the most economical and easily accessible type of fiber when it comes to knitting. It is ideal for all the beginners in the field of knitting and most of the newbies start from acrylic fibers.

5. Alpaca

This is another variety of wool but is extracted from the Alpacas. This is the only fiber that is warmer than wool. It is the ideal fiber to be used during the winters. It is also a softer variant than the wool itself.

6. Merino Wool

It is one of the most preferred variant of wool in the world. This one is extracted especially from the Merino sheep which which gives it the name. It is often more preferred over the regular wool as it less or not at all allergic in comparison to the same. It is relatively difficult to find even in the best online stores in the world.

These are few types of yarn fibers that you can find at almost every known yarn store in the market as well as online. All of these yarn fibers are the best in quality and are highly recommended.

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