Difference between SQL and MySQL

What is SQL

The full form of SQL is “Structured Query Language”, a language through which the database is operated. This is a basic language, which is commonly used for all databases. Minor syntax changes are made in different databases, but the original sql syntax is largely the same. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has made SQL a standard language to operate a relational database management system.

What is MySQL

MySQL, also known as My Sequel, was introduced in the mid-90s, considered to be one of the other open source databases in the market. It is an RDBMS, which allows the data present in the database to be organized. It is a fact that it was named after the daughter of co-founder Michael Videnius. Through this, more than one user can access the database. These RDBMS systems are used on top of the Linux distribution with a combination of PHP and Apache web servers. MySQL queries the database using SQL language

Difference between SQL and MySQL

  • SQL is also known as “Structured Query Language” and MySQL is also known as “My Sequel”.
  • SQL is a language by which databases can be operated while MySQL was the first open-source database, which was developed in the 90s.
  • Database data can be accessed, updated, and manipulated using SQL while MySQL is an RDBMS that allows the data present in the database to be organized.
  • SQL is a query language while MYSQL is a database software.
  • MySQL, SQL queries to the database by language.
  • Because SQL is a query language, it has to be read and understood, whereas MySQL is a database software, so it has to be understood and It makes sense soon.

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