What is the difference between RAM and ROM

RAM and ROM seem to have similar names and they also have similar functions, but there is a difference between the two, and both are used for different reasons.

They are used in computers, tablets, etc. The full name of ROM is Read Only Memory and RAM is called Random Access Memory.

Here are the main differences between RAM and ROM

1. The big difference between RAM and ROM is that data in ROM can be saved without power even while in RAM it does not.

2. ROM is used for permanent storage while RAM is used for temporary storage.

3. There is no need for any power supply to store information in ROM chip while removing the power supply for RAM also deletes the store information.

4. It takes time to store data in ROM chip whereas it does not take much time to store data in RAM.

5. RAM is also used in computers, for example, the data of open pages in your browser is being stored in RAM.

6. RAM can store memory from 1 GB to 256 GB. Real time data is saved in RAM.

7. RAM data can be accessed via CPU whereas ROM data cannot be accessed by CPU.

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