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5 Cool Ways For Students to Become More Creative in Writing

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Is writing a talent, a skill or just a technique that while mastered once can serve you forever? This is the question that every single student should ask. The matter is that most of us believe that writing well is a pure talent, but the studies show that it is more about technique. Thus, even if you have always written poorly, it does not mean that you can’t fix this situation. We’ve got 5 great ideas on how to become more creative with your writing, and none of these ideas is about talents that you’ve got.

Writing as a creative technique

So why do we call writing a technique? The matter is that writing is just right speaking, and we all can influence people with our words, carry out our ideas and express our thoughts. When we write, we do the same. However, many of us are frightened of writing. No one knows why it happens in this way, but we know for sure that we just need to deal with this fear to get a better effect.

Creativity is one of the most effective tools to fight against the fear of writing. However, here is a small problem. How to become creative? If fact, you need some time and strong desire to do that. It will be enough to turn into a good writer and boost your creative technique.

Way 1. Become a good reader

Some people who read a lot confess that this does not help them to write better. However, reading will be useless if you do not analyze what you’ve read. If you pay no attention to the details, style, language, reading is nothing more than watching a TV series or listening to the audio book.

It’s always better to read a book twice. For the first time, you catch the idea, and for the second time, you pay the attention to all those details which make the book perfect. For example, the language that is used, the way different characters speak, the narration, etc. When you start to be attentive to those small things, you will start to understand how important they are. Later, you will be able to introduce them to your own writing to make it stronger and more effective.

Way 2. No fear

Be creative in writing while you are still student means to find new approaches to writing tons of essays and different kinds of paper that are required from you. Of course, you can always use cool term paper writing service and never even thought of the problems most of the students meet, but you can also give a try to writing each single essay on your own developing various ideas and bringing them to paper.

At this point, you need to get rid of all the fears concerning writing. If you will be afraid to write something or to use some arguments, your essay will never be sufficient. Always introduce the ideas that come to your mind even though you may think they are too risky. However, make sure that they correspond to the stated topic and are closely related to it. If you present these ideas in a professional, coherent, well-structured way, no one will be able to accuse you of bringing them to life.

Way 3. Pay attention to details

Details are what our world is built of. Although the small things surround us all the time, we do not have a habit of paying attention to them. We just observe them and do not think how they influence our perception of the world. Your creative technique will come to the next level when you start to notice these details and analyze how exactly they change the world.

First, start with some obvious things like the weather or the food. Next, move to the smaller things. Mastering this technique, you will be able to understand why the freckles on someone’s shoulders make people smile and how the green color of the fence makes the world better.

Way 4. Broaden your horizons

It has been noticed, that creative people have a profound understanding of multiple spheres, starting from the Arts and up to some complicated evolution theories. The matter is that they never stop working on their self-education and read a huge number of academic blogs, visit various courses and real tons of literature. If you want to be creative and write perfectly on different subjects, start to broaden your knowledge.

Today, you do not need to study physics at the University to understand how everything happens. You can enroll Coursera courses or read a couple of Stephen Hawking’s books. Everything that determines your success here is your desire.

Way 5. Never blame yourself for downs

This is more a psychological trick rather than some technique. Even if you feel that here and now you cannot create something really great, just give yourself some time. If you start to blame yourself for being not creative enough, it won’t help you start thinking creatively. When something does not work, you just need to define the problem and start working. Perhaps, you will notice that you lose your creativity when you are too tired or when you need to work with something that does not inspire you. In this case, you just need to focus on things that make you feel happier.

No one is born creative. However, everyone can develop creativeness as well as techniques on writing well. If you pay enough efforts and make a commitment to spend at least a half an hour per day for writing, you will eventually notice that this is not a problem for you anymore.

We hope that the list of the ways how to become more creative in your writing will help you to discover some aspects that you’ve never paid attention to and start working with them. The more efforts you apply, the better the result is. Keep working, and you’ll deal with any writing task!

Priyanka Sharma
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