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5 Best Degree Courses to Study Travel and Tourism

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Travel and tourism courses are pursued by a large number of students each year who wish to make a career in this industry. Every year, many students look forward to different courses to get a high flying career. These courses open the gates to a wide range of opportunities in travel and tourism industry for the students. However, it is important to have realistic expectations. As one has to pursue these courses and spend their money and time, so it is important to be sure about getting into travel and tourism industry.

As the tourism sector is thriving, it is creating numerous jobs for the people. The tourism industry of India is contributing to a large number of jobs to the country’s economy. The investment in the industry has also shot up. As lot of people are spending money on travelling these days, there is always a vacancy for the right fit candidate. As there is lack of skilled personnel, it is always feasible to get enrolled in a course and easily get a job later. With the right skills and degree, it becomes very easy to get a job in private or public sector with decent package.

Being a part of the Indian tourism industry

Those who aspire to a great career can easily get into the tourism industry. Though many people think that working in such profiles, it is like a never-ending vacation, however, the things are different these days. A lot of commitment and dedication is required to fulfill your role. As it is a highly booming and competitive sector, it requires personnel who are well trained and serious about their work ethics. Only those students who are serious and skilled can stay ahead of the competition. If you want to be on the top then getting a relevant degree is very important. You need passion as well as skills to climb the ladder of success. The degree helps you to tune with the industry and equips you to face the challenges of the industry.

Eligibility criteria for admission

Before you can join any course, it is very much important to acquaint yourself with the criteria for admission. As every industry is different, the eligibility criteria vary. Broad parameters for admission are provided below.

  • You must have passed high school to enroll yourself for an undergraduate degree or diploma.
  • You must have a graduation degree to enroll in the postgraduate level courses.

If you are not aware of the top degree courses, then here is the list of best 5-degree courses to study travel and tourism:

  1. MBA in Tourism and Hospitality
  2. MBA in Travel and Tourism
  3. MBA in Aviation and Travel Tourism Management
  4. MA Tourism Management
  5. M.Sc. Tourism Management

Where to get yourself enrolled?

As there are only a few good schools which provide PG in travel and tourism and other courses, you must ensure that you take admission in one of the best colleges. The School of Excellence is one of the top-notch schools which provide the best education to all the students. The faculty members give personal attention to the students to help them learn different aspects of the industry. Visit the institute’s website to get more information about the college and admission procedure.

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