How You Can Make a Promising Career in IoT Industry

November 29, 2017 by OurNetHelps

When everything from air conditioning to refrigerators is getting connected to the Internet, is a career in IoT industry the next gold rush in the job market? Let’s find out.

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Today, almost every piece of electronic equipment is poised to get connected to the Internet. This is mainly because of the widespread surge of IoT, the connected network of devices that uses transmitters, sensors, and actuators to transmit and receive data related to the object itself. You would be surprised to know that the Internet of Things (IoT) has jumped far beyond smartwatches and has entered almost every industry segment – from banking and retail to agriculture and healthcare. If reports are to be believed, the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is poised to sweep the world and would become a $300 billion industry in the next 3 years. According to the U.S. Technology firm Gartner, within the next five years, there would be more than 25 billion connected devices in use. Considering this, many business enterprises have started changing the way they function by incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) into their business operations.

We are not far from the time when your brewing machine will brew your latte when you start getting ready for office, or your refrigerator can let you know when you need to go to the grocery store. And very soon, we’ll have smart couches correcting our body posture and smart fabrics monitoring our metabolism rate and health. And, if the idea of creating such a smart connected world excites you, then driving your enthusiasm towards the Internet of Things (IoT) is the wisest thing to do.Listed below are some industry verticals that one can opt for to make a career in IoT.

#1 Security

This is the latest buzzword within the IoT industry. With the radical explosion of sensor implementation and connected devices, the industry has fully realized that all that generated data needs to be secured from malicious external sources. Also, we know that it is not a large sector in terms of experts available. And, with the unprecedented rise of IP-enabled devices growing with each passing day, cyber-security experts will be even more sought-after in the job market. Some of the required key skills in this vertical include public key encryption security, vulnerability analysis, risk identification, and wireless network security.

#2 Data Analytics

With the advent of an IoT system, the amount of data generation has increased dramatically. Given the sheer number of connected devices in use, the amount of data generated would be humongous. That’s why data analytics professionals are in high demand within the IoT industry with proficiency in both unstructured and structured data. Moreover, expertise and experience in big data would be a positive factor in getting myriad opportunities in this vertical.

#3 Mobile and UI Development

Undoubtedly, the boom in IoT has come at the right time when our lives are closely connected with smartphones. Since the basic fundamental paradigm of IoT is to connect everything all-the-time, mobile devices and smartphones are the ideal choices of a platform to control the connected devices. Needless to say, this indicates that there will be a huge demand for mobile app developers (both Android &iOS) and designers. So without further ado, start learning the skills that are in demand to build a promising career in IoT. There are many institutes that provide IoT training, skills and certification courses online.

Summary: Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to sweep the world and according to the U.S. Technology firm Gartner, within the next five years, there would be more than 25 billion connected devices in use. Hence, many business enterprises have started changing the way they function by incorporating IoT into their business.

About Author: Ashish Trikha is an experienced Digital Marketing professional having an in-depth knowledge of internet of things, business intelligence and analytics, security and data analytics, information security, hardware interfacing, IP networking and many other domains.

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