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Career Advice for College Students

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In these challenging times embarking on a journey to choose a life-long career that will not only be satisfying but will also be financially rewarding; can be a tough decision on the part of a young college student. So let us ask this question to ourselves, ‘Why do I need a career advice? The answer is simple. A career will keep us usefully and productively busy. It gives us a financial stability, social status, and acceptance in society.

When students step out of college; sometimes they choose a career very different from what they want to be. They seem to be struggling to find their own identity in this challenging world. So to guide them to walk on the right path, here are few career advice for students:

Choose a career wisely:

Choose a career as per your studies and interest as you already have knowledge of the same. For example, if you have studied computer engineering in college then aim at remaining in your field of work rather than veering off to pursue another field.

Consider your hobbies:

Making a career in your hobby or skill is also very fruitful. If you are interested in painting, writing or any other forms of the hobby, it can lead to a satisfying and a fulfilling career.

Ask someone if you don’t know:

Asking people who know us better will give us deep insights into who we really are. Asking our parents, teachers, friends or close relatives will give you good career advice to choose an appropriate career.

Consider your financial situation:

To pursue a career you may require to take another course or pursue further studies, for which you would be needing funds. So you should consider your financial situation before finalising your path.

Career Counselling:

If you are still confused about choosing the right career, you can consult a career counselor who will be able to identify their skill sets and your aptitude. They will be able to guide you to choose a right career based on your analysis. However even after taking help from a career counselor if things do not fall in place, it is best to listen to your inner voice and take your own decision.

Career Ideas:

There is not one but many career ideas that lay ahead of us. We have to choose the best career ideas based on our personality, moods and above all social upbringing. A lot of other factors like work environment, office culture affects us while choosing a good career. Many people do not like to work in conservative work environments. Such people should opt for freelancing jobs that will give them more flexible timings and they can work on their own.

Career change:

Deciding to change your career can sometimes be one of the toughest decisions. After being in a particular field for a few years, sometimes we realize that this is not something that we really wanted out of life. We should have been doing something else. This happens to many people and they regret the decision to have chosen the wrong field of work. So it’s never too late to change your job. Say, if you have been in a desk job for years but want to take up a career in teaching, now is the time to change before it is too late. Choose the path you feel will give you satisfaction along with job and financial stability.

Life throws many challenges at us especially in the field of career but it is up to us to make the right choice and move on. So instead of being a slave to our destiny let us become masters of it!

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