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Can Dog and Cat Spread Coronavirus?

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The coronavirus outbreak has shocked the world. It is spreading across the world and right now over 189 countries are affected by this deadly virus. People are forced to live their life in quarantine and taking all those cautions that are advised by the medical authorities. People with pets are also worried about their pets. 

The most asked question by these people is that Can a dog and cat spread coronavirus? As these two are the most favorite pet in the world. On this concern WHO quartz told in an email that 

”Currently, there is no evidence that pets such as dogs and cats have infected humans with Covid-19.” WHO

Recent Hongkong case study

This theory was stated after a unique case of Corona Virus patients in Hongkong. The owner of two dogs in Hongkong tested positive for the Corona Virus but these dogs show no clinical symptoms of the virus. According to the World organization for animal health, the dogs reported clear from any virus infection even after living 2 weeks with their infected owner. 

In further explanation, the World organization for animal health also stated that there is no evidence that dogs can spread this disease as well. Animals seem to be immune against this disease till now. Further studies will bring new findings in this area. 

Further, advise from the World organization for animal health

Still, after all these following results organizations advised the owner to avoid close contact with their pets if they are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19. They should send them to other members of their family. If they want to take care of their pets on their own they should maintain proper hygiene. These practices will include washing hands properly and wear mask when taking care of their pets.

How to maintain hygiene for your pets

There are multiple things that you guys need to take care of when trying to maintain personal and pet hygiene in this situation

1. Handling pet stool carefully

Even after the study shows that dogs and cats don’t spread coronavirus you still have to be careful when handling your pet stool. If you have a cat then check out Litter-Robot III Open Air from evolution. This will help you clean up your kitty litter without any extra effort.

2. Wash your hands after cleaning the stool

After you clean your pet stool it is mandatory to wash your hand thoroughly with soap. According to medical authority, you should clean them for a good 20 seconds. Clean in the middle of your finger, thumb, and palm of your hand as well.  Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the most important factors to stay away from COVID-19.

3. Wear a mask 

Usually, this virus spread through water droplets of your sneezing and spit. So, it is also advised to cover your mouth with a mask if you are feeling any symptoms of this deadly disease. 

So, even after knowing that till now no pet has shown any sign of this disease you guys should still take precautions and maintain the state of quarantine in your house. 

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