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Top 5 Camping Gear to Make Your Outdoor Adventures Comfortable

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When you plan to go on a camping or trekking trip, you need to remember a lot of things to carry. Many items make your camping trip comfortable.  However, you cannot load your backpack with all the comfort items. The trick is to take with you the essential items which offer both utility and comfort.

Here are the top 5 camping gear you need to carry with you to make your outdoor adventures comfortable. So let us check these camping gears one by one.

1. A Hammock or Sleeping Pad

As a tent need poles that are heavy to carry, and difficult to pack in a backpack, a hammock is the best item that you can pack for your camping trip. A hammock is a perfect item to sleep comfortably in the night. You can hand it on a strong tree with a set of ropes and a tarp to make sure that you don’t get rained on.

Carrying a hammock is easy and convenient as most of them collapse down to the size of a soccer ball and can hold up to 450 pounds of weight. There are a variety of hammocks available on online marketplaces. However, you can look in a local store that sells the equipment for trekking and camping.

If you don’t prefer sleeping in a hammock, then sleeping pad is the best option for you. Sleeping pads come with foam in them that offer you complete comfort while you sleep at your camp. Find a lightweight cushioned sleeping pad to provide your back with that extra comfort during sleep.

2. Portable Water filter

A portable water filter can be the essential survival gear you need on a camping trip. As you need to walk miles of distances on the camping tours, you get thirsty very quickly.

The water bottles or cans you carry with you won’t last long. You may find the natural sources of water that may not be suitable for drinking directly. A portable water filter comes in handy in such situations.

All you need is to find a natural source of water and collect some water in it. The portable water filter will make the water ready to drink within seconds. The portable water filters kill up to 99 percent of the bacteria present in the water.

3. A foldable saw

The climate at some places might be chilling in the nights. Usually, the nights are cold on the mountains due to high altitudes. As the night gets chilled, you may need to prune some branches of the trees for lighting a campfire.

A foldable saw is lightweight and doesn’t take much space in your bag. Its sharp blade can cut the wood within minutes. If you are planning a camping trip on the hills, a foldable saw is a must-have item to have the comfort of warmth in the chilly nights.

4. A collapsible tarp

The weather is not certain on the mountains or hill stations. You never know when it may start raining. So you need to carry an item that can provide you with the required shelter on the trip. A collapsible tarp is the best item you can take with you on your camping tour. The nylon tarp offers you a waterproof shelter, and if you tie down correctly, it can provide you with a windshield.

Whether you prefer sleeping on the ground or in a hammock, the collapsible tarp will ensure that you have the basic shelter over you. The nylon tarp protects you from the rain and wind provided that you tie it in the best way.

5. A Mylar blanket

As the weather is usually chilled on the mountains, you may need something to wrap around you while sleeping. Mylar blankets are the best type of blankets that you can wrap around in the night. Also, known as space blankets, they offer you great comfort and protection from cold.

Usually found in the first aid kits, they are essential to carry on the camping trips. They protect your body from cold in the situations, where it is not possible to find some wood for lighting the fire. For example, in the conditions of rain, your clothes get wet, and it is not possible to lit a fire. You can wrap your body in a mylar blanket to protect yourself from the chilled temperature.

Final Words

These are the five essential camping gear for comfortable camping trips. However, you need to take many other things that are necessary for survival and comfort. Don’t forget to carry the first aid kit, anti-snake bite serum, water bottle, packed food, flashlight, an extra pair of batteries and a multipurpose knife. So, get ready to prepare the list of essential items to make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

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