How to Build Online Presence on the Web

January 22, 2018 by OurNetHelps

If you are reading this article, you are probably a voracious reader or a passionate entrepreneur. And in case you belong from the second category, before going for a full-fledged enterprise, you must understand what an important role online presence plays in the digital age we live in.

Online presence is a decisive factor in the rise or fall of your business, which largely relates to how wide your customer base is, and how successful you have been in retaining it. There are many factors like mobile app development, website development, media coverages etc. that may improve your web presence.

However, getting a good web presence without knowing specific techniques is quite a difficult thing. But then what are those techniques that we mention here? Here’s a quick list we think you must check out:

Mobile app

The fact that mobile apps are one of the best ways to get a large customer base is incorrigible and is poised to stay for at least a couple of years. But then to say, it is only the existence of your mobile app that deserves all the credit for that, may not be right.

Some of the components your mobile app must have are online customer feedback mechanism, optimization for Play Store and App Store, and more ways to connect directly with your customers.

Also, get the best mobile app developers to include certain trending design components in your app, like Hamburger menu, Ellipsis menu, etc., which are popular because of the sheer convenience they provide.

Social Media

When we are talking mass reach and expansion, there are no two ways about it that social media gives you the required exposure for that. It all started with Orkut, but because had its own weaknesses that it paid for, and involuntarily gave a fillip to Facebook, the current social media channel that rules sales and marketing space are Facebook. Thus, having a Facebook page is vital for your business, and as a matter of fact, a Facebook page isn’t an option anymore for businesses.

There are various growth hack techniques one can use to grow exponentially in the initial stages. Also, one can derive leads from a Facebook platform, using Lead Ads that has exclusively been launched for businesses to generate quality leads. Just like Facebook, Instagram also has numerous ways of getting your business known to people.

However, unlike Facebook, Instagram is a platform dedicated for photos, due to which people look out much for details for liking a page or handle. So, in a way, Instagram is a great option for getting a large mass reach, compared to Facebook. And then there is Twitter, which is more of an intellectual place and can be used for expressing your opinion on a particular subject.

As you can see, all three social media channels can be used in different ways and also for different types of businesses. Using each of these channels in the most optimum way could help your business customers and followers from all directions, which means exponential growth in sales.


Many think that blogs have gone obsolete and are anachronous to the present digital scenario. However, that is quite incorrect and let us tell you, blogs are still one of the best ways of building a loyal customer base, provided you can always keep up with the trends and always keep things interesting for a reader.

For many, it is difficult to figure out what to write about and what not to. Well, we would say there is an answer to this, but not fixed. Because trends may keep changing. And this brings us to an important realization that your blog must change or at least evolve your niche according to the changing trends.

For example – Let’s say fifteen years back, ‘Blog A’ was started that covered information related to communication devices such as a pager. Few years down the line, we had wired landline phones, which were readily adopted by households. Few more years down the line and we saw mobile phones reaching out to us. During these transitions, in order to stay on top of the game, Blog A made a transition from writing about pagers to jotting down information about landline phones, and jump to app development.

In this example, you can see how the niche has remained the same, and only the subject has evolved with time. This is important in order to stay relevant.

In the case of a blog, another thing that is equally important is Search Engine Optimization. SEO, in case of a blog, works just like a website, except that there is a rapid change of keywords due to fresh content coming up on the blog, every now and then, considering the blog is regularly updated, which is a must.

Considering you are new in the market, using long-tail keywords would be beneficial for your business in getting strong leads and prospective customers. But then, use generic keywords in the static content of your blog, such as blog description, blogger profile, etc.

To build credibility on the web, which indirectly fetches more traffic to your blog, writes guest posts for websites that are already up in the game. This way, you can be increasing your Google search ranking by linking keywords back to your website.