What is the best link building strategy?

Link building strategy/techniques to get high-quality links to your website from good ranking websites. So that your website appears high on the SERPs in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here is the strategy/techniques used by Top SEO Experts:

Guest Posting

This is the most common link building method that provides value to your site. You will create an engaging piece of content that is well-written on someone else’s website. Preferably, this is an authority in your niche that will give you a powerful backlink!

Guest posting means you have the ability to tap into a new audience on someone else’s website that already has traffic.

You help build their site by giving them an article that their readers enjoy, and in return, you can get one or two backlinks. One will be a branded URL (your website URL), and if possible try to sneak in at least one keyword specific anchor text.

Press Releases

A classic way to gather mass backlinks is to do a Press Release. If you have some news or a big launch on your site, put out a press release.

Even it if doesn’t get picked up, a lot of automatic press release sites will embed the article on their site.

This will give you heaps of good backlinks. A sound method to get a lot of backlinks fast. They may not all be that powerful, though. So don’t expect a miracle after releasing one press release article.

Organic Shares

(Have Quality Content) It seems so logical, and I encourage any website builder to do this anyway, but organic shares still work magic.

Have amazing content that is unique and encourages shares. This includes social media shares, but preferably shares from established websites. Having them mention you organically in their articles is the most optimal way to get a bunch of high-quality backlinks to your website.

Submitting Links Yourself

Some websites allow you to actually submit a link to your site for nothing in return.

Find these sites and go ahead and make a link for yourself!

Especially powerful for local SEO citations. Most sites that allow you to do this are databases or directory sites. Avoid directory sites that ask you for a link in return, it will not help you rank that much at all.


(Asking for a Backlink) The classic method of asking for a favor. Very important is that you do not do link swapping, that will hurt both your site’s SEO.

Simply notifying a website owner or author about a piece of content on your site will get you a lot of good backlink results. This goes back to making a good, high-quality content. If it’s relevant and share-worthy, a webmaster will be happy to give you a link for free.

Usually, this method works best if sites already have an article about a certain topic that’s also on your website. Notify them that you help them improve that article by including a link to a piece of your own content.

Sneaky tip 

Try to find broken links on relevant websites. If you find one, make a piece of content on exactly what that link was referring to. Notify the webmaster that they have a broken link on their site and that your content can help replace that link.

They will almost always be happy to fix it, especially if you explain that having a broken link on their site is bad for their Google rankings (because that’s actually the case).

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