The Top 10 Benefits of Twitter Marketing

January 24, 2017 by OurNetHelps

Twitter marketing is so essential, but do you know how important it really is? Consider this article as an attempt to stimulate your palate, before you embark upon the journey of devouring all the information it takes to ensure you have mastered the art of Twitter marketing. Here are the top 10 reasons why Twitter Marketing is so important.

1. It helps in delivering unparalleled customer service: How many times have you been disillusioned by a product simply because of the deplorable level of customer service behind it? True, you might have bought an exemplary product, but when something goes wrong with it, you don’t wish to be put on hold for an indefinite period of time to get things sorted out, do you?

It’s true, you need answers in real time and that’s exactly what your company can provide those customers of yours out there, if you use Twitter to your advantage. Besides responding to your customers in real time and providing them with the solutions that will make them smile, the person monitoring that Twitter account of your company can also search for conversations that are related to your business, and respond appropriately to the feedback that they receive!

2. It helps in keeping your brand top of mind: You might be thinking that everyone out there is aware of your brand, but do you even realize just how easy it is for the customer to forget all about your product whenever there is a new player in the market?

Face the facts, you might have a really ingenious product but if you don’t constantly keep reminding people about the mere fact that your product even exists, then there are good chances that they will forget all about it in a very short span of time. Ever wonder why even the biggest companies splurge on advertising? It’s because they want to keep their brands top of mind where it comes to people out there – so much so that they go on to actually buy your product in the end.

3. It helps create great relationships by providing interesting, timely information: You don’t have to use Twitter to communicate with your clients simply when they have a problem. Nor is it enough to merely show you exist, as we have touched upon in the earlier point. You have to also ensure that you provide them with information that will really help them – information about your product or service that is really interesting and helpful.

In that way, you will maintain a healthy relationship with them, irrespective of whether they are your existing customers or not. Building a healthy relationship over time is one of the best things you can do, where it comes to building brand loyalty. That whole distanced corporate image that one might have the erstwhile head of your company is completely shattered and people see your company as one that has a great deal of human touch. That might just be the very difference it takes, where it comes to finally converting some customers in the end, to buying your product.

4. It helps generate more traffic towards your website: Consider your marketing efforts on Twitter as being nothing short of an attempt to create teasers that will entice people to know more about your product.

The best place they can come to learn all about that product of yours, of course, is your website, but getting them there can be a real task unless you create sufficient interest in the Twittersphere in order to achieve the same. Yes, you will get all the traffic you want and more, if you simply use the right strategies.

5. It helps you gain a real perspective of how your business is doing: Just like you will be in the habit of singing praises about your product online, you will get a lot of perspective from simply observing what it is people out there are saying about it. Not all of it will be good, mind you, but at least you will be able to get a realistic perspective of how your product is faring in the market.

There are ways to react to both the positive and negative comments, but we will leave that for later on in this article. For now, it is most sufficient to realize that the customer out there has a mind of his or her own, and also more power to influence your sales than you could possibly imagine.

If you’re not on Twitter then it’s really easy to get carried away thinking that your product is doing better than the competitors’ out there based on initial sales, but you have to realize that you’re in it for the long haul and that’s why it’s absolutely critical that you ensure that you constantly monitor what people out there are saying about you.

6. It helps you to keep up with the trends in your industry as well as your competition: Let’s face it; your company is not the only one on Twitter. All your competitors are on Twitter as well in all probability, and some might even have a following large enough to scare you. First thing, never be scared by how many followers your competitors have.

Secondly, understand that competition is healthy and that there might be a thing or two that you could learn from your competitors on Twitter, and you can use the very strategies that they have used effectively, to garner more sales for your product or service. Besides, when you are on Twitter it’s really easy to ensure that you keep up with all the latest trends either local or global so that you are always up to date with the latest happenings in the industry, and never get to a stage where you will find yourself outdated.

7. You can use Twitter as an internal communications tool as well: Who says that you have to only communicate with your clients out there in the Twittersphere? You could use Twitter as a tool to communicate within your organization itself, and ensure that every single person in your company is in the loop where it comes to sharing important nuggets of information in a timely manner.

8. It helps you increase your sales with your existing customers through advertising new products: While this should be a pretty obvious benefit of using Twitter where it comes to your business, it is really most overlooked by many people out there, simply because they don’t realize the kind of impact Twitter can have where it comes to say, the increase in consumption of your products by your existing customers.

The thing is, shopping is inevitably an impulsive decision and all it takes is for you to shout from the rooftops that you have launched a new product, and you will find several of your existing customers going in to purchase it without so much as batting an eyelid! They already have the conviction in the current product that you offer them; all it requires is a little push from something as unassuming as a ‘tweet’, to get them to buy your latest offering!

9. It improves your online reputation: Ever click on the profile of a celebrity on Twitter and find yourself overawed by the kind of following they have? Well, you might not have nearly a fraction of the followers your favorite celebrity has, but you surely can make a big statement out there when you have a substantial amount of followers in the Twittersphere.

The more the flowers you have, the greater your reputation – it’s that simple. Besides, it’s not all that difficult to get a lot of followers on Twitter – it’s one of the secrets you’re going to discover later on in this book. Once you have a large following, of course, you gain that much more credibility and are able to convince customers to buy your product with far more ease. Yet another important reason for you to be on Twitter!

10. It’s a great PR tool: Twitter helps you manage your PR most effectively. In today’s world, you will find that even the smallest glitch out there could lead to your company staring in the face of a publicity crisis. So, how does one get out of a situation like this? Well, it’s by responding in as timely a manner as possible, of course. Thanks to Twitter, you have the exact tools to defend yourself in a moment of crisis, in the fastest possible manner and hence ameliorate any damage that might be caused by waiting too long to make a statement.

You have already spent a lot of time generating positive publicity for your brand on Twitter, but even the slightest mistake can do you more harm than you can possibly imagine, if you don’t take care of things in time. So, make sure you use Twitter as your PR tool so you can respond to any crisis at the right moment and prevent any further damage from wreaking havoc on your company’s image. People out there shouldn’t be taken for granted – even the lapse of a single day in responding to a publicity crisis can be detrimental.

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