Teeth Whitening – When Should You Go For the treatment?

May 1, 2018 by nationaldental

Brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning regularly is not a guarantee of sparkling white teeth. Even your visit to the dentist may not prove sufficient when it comes to having a set of teeth that bringer and dazzle. After all, dental stains or discoloration can strike to anyone and they tend to be of different nature. Food, the environment, and age are some of the factors that also dull the shine of teeth and take their charms away. However, thanks to the advancements in dental technology, it’s possible today to get the teeth whitened and brightened in a super quick time.

With professional teeth whitening, you can get rid of the dental stains and achieve a really beautiful and natural smile. The surface stains on your teeth will diffuse by the use of laser or bleach so that the teeth can get a few shades whiter and brighter in quick time. A variety of whitening options are available and you can either choose at-home, in-office or over-the-counter kit to achieve the desired result quickly. Such treatments are most convenient and non-invasive, they deliver great results and above all, are fit for patients according to their dental health and preferences.

Similarly, whitening procedures don’t have side effects and if even there are any, they are mostly mild and rare. You can choose the one according to the preference and improve your smile and personal appearance in a dramatic manner. To top it all, teeth whitening is a purely a low-risk procedure, therefore, it’s fit for most candidates. It’s suitable for you if you have discoloration of mild to moderate variety and want a dazzling smile. The whitening, however, is not effective in patients who have got done some restorations on the front facing teeth as bleaching agents won’t work well with restorative materials.

So, if you have got done veneers, crowns or dental crowning, you first have to replace these restorations before going ahead with the whitening to get good results. Only then the new restorations can match the shades of your teeth and smile in a right manner. Similarly, you’re not a good candidate for whitening if you have intrinsic stains resulting from a dead tooth. In such cases, the stains affect the inner enamel of the tooth which is always difficult to remove. However, the procedure is good for you if the outer enamel is affected and you want to get back the shine and glow of the teeth.

Similarly, those with worn enamel or extreme form of tooth sensitivity are not fit for undergoing tooth whitening treatment. The same holds true for those with bruxism or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) as the treatment may worsen the situation. For that reason, you should first consult an experienced dentist before choosing the procedure suitable for you. After all, cosmetic dentistry queens NY is there to benefit from and enhance the charms of smile and facial aesthetics notches up. This is how your teeth can be whitened, brightened and your confidence boosted in a professional manner.