Ways to Leverage the Power of Social Media for Your Event

December 4, 2017 by ournethelps

Social media is an inextricable part of our lives, and has proved to be very useful in several aspects. Today, corporate event management companies in Bangalore are successfully using social media for publicity, organize epic events and provide an unforgettable experience to attendees. You too can leverage the immense power of social media for your events. Let’s see how:

● First things first: First you need to chalk out a plan and decide what avenues you want to use, the frequency of posting, messages you want to communicate and so on. Once that is set, you will be able to see the amount of time you will need to spend on it all. While Facebook is the most widely used network, LinkedIn can be more effective when it’s a serious corporate event.

● Build the event website: Having an event specific website makes it easy for those interested to find out all the information, and register. When your social networks are linked to the website, they can be part of the online communities and inform their friends and family by sharing your posts.

● Facebook Events: Every event organizer worth their salt does this today. It helps to keep your invitees aware of the event, and details like registration, venue, sessions and more. Upload an appropriate photo for your event; choose a short, simple name; include the location, date and time to make it easy for your invitees to know when and where to attend your event. Make sure you share the event on your personal page, and request friends and invitees to do the same.

● Sell tickets on your social accounts: If your event is a paid, ticketed event, you can have links on all of your social accounts where interested persons can purchase tickets. You can also use Facebook ads for this purpose.

● Request attendees for their social media profiles: Corporate event organizers in Bangalore will tell you that this is the easiest way for you to stay connected with them continuously and create a buzz around your event. You can request this info at signup, and use it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you’re using for the event.

● Count down online: An easy and effective way to build hype and excitement for your event is to launch a countdown. At every predetermined milestone, upload pictures and a short message – Date and venue announced, Registrations open, Registrations last day, and so on. You can also use this chance to thank your event sponsors and interact with your audience by providing details about the event.

● Live Streaming: According to corporate event planners in Bangalore, live streaming enables people who are unable to physically participate in an event (for any number of reasons) to be a part of it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. all provide live streaming services – and it’s super easy as well. The streaming services notify participants when the broadcast is about to start so that they don’t miss out.

● Generate hashtags for easy identification: Having an event specific hashtag helps to create an online community. It needs to be short, easy to understand, unique, and of course, relevant to your event. It needs to be consistently used across all your social networking platforms, so that people can identify and recognize it immediately; the next time they want to share something connected with the event, they will use it too. Posts with hashtags become easily shareable and likable!

● Collect feedback: This can be done through polls or simple question-answer posts on different platforms; this way you can rectify any shortcomings and keep your attendees happy. You can also take this opportunity to thank them.

Organizing events and making it a success can often be a herculean task. It can sap your energy and eat up precious time that you could have otherwise dedicated to your core business.

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