What is Role of an Anesthesiologist in Healthcare Industry?

October 31, 2017 by siya_nathan

Probably the most common complaint with which we ever visit our doctors is PAIN. Pain in our back, pain in our limbs, pain in the tummy, pain in the chest among many others are the most common causes which bother us in routine lives. Some types of pain are bearable, while some types aren’t.

An interesting thing to note here is that pain is not the real enemy. There is a secret cause behind the symptoms we get. Pain is one of those symptoms. Come to think of it, pain is protective in nature. It is a warning through which our bodies are letting us know to consider and fix the actual problem as soon as possible.

Some kinds of pain can be treated with the help of conservative methods, while some need a rather advanced kind of intervention. The advanced instances may often involve surgeries, and this is where a special breed of specialists known as anesthesiologist come in the picture. These medical experts have to undergo a grueling routine of extensive studies coupled with busy clinical rotations.

Anesthesiologists seem to have a calm and relaxed routine in comparison to other clinical specialties. But in reality, the situation is entirely different. Beneath the calm exterior of an anesthesiologist’s routine in the operation theater lies a dynamic process where there is a constant balancing act of maintaining the state of anesthesia (a loss of sensation and pain for some period) and a good breathing & circulation rate.

A surgery is like a mission. A mission with an objective and a plan of action. A surgery has three phases – preoperative, operative and post-operative. It is very important that the patient remains in a good state during these each of these phases. The anesthesiologist ensures that everything runs smoothly in such a way that the surgical procedure is an uneventful, without any untoward complications.

An anesthesiologist has a high aptitude for complex analysis, for it is these specialists which have to first study the working of different body systems, then the interaction of these body systems with each other and after that, the effect of different anesthetic drugs on the body itself! Not only this, the anesthesiologist should also be adept at handling emergency medical situations as well.

Being an anesthesiologist is a matter of great skill and expertise, for even a slight ignorance during the time of surgery can result in a state of permanent coma, even death for the patient. This profession is indeed a very respectable one with a lot of benefits and job satisfaction. The amount of study to become an anesthesiologist can last for as long as 8 years. After the completion of specialization, many of them further sub-specialize by pursuing fellowships, like cardiac anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, intensivists and much more.

As much as anesthesiologists are monitoring the process of surgery and recovery of a patient, a gap in communication between the two of them has been seen, especially in India. This is in stark contrast to Western countries where the surgeon, as well as the anesthesiologist, establish a good rapport with the patient. An advantage with such a rapport would be the increased confidence of the patient before undergoing the procedure. With the anesthesiologist’s involvement, the patient can come to understand several aspects of a surgery in a much better way.

Painless surgeries and procedures are virtually impossible without the use of anesthesia. To have an anesthesiologist in the premises of health care is indeed a blessing. The team of anesthesiologists and anesthetists put in a lot of thought and efforts to ensure that their patient has had a thorough pre-anesthetic evaluation, a clear discussion of the medical procedure about to take place and cleared all doubts arising in the patient’s mind. They take care that the procedure goes smoothly like an airplane on autopilot mode. It is easy to gain and lose many things in life, but the beauty lies in maintaining them well. Anesthesiologists are the perfect example of this.

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