Why Should an Oral Exam be Part of Your Regular Dental Visits?

May 10, 2018 by ournethelps

We have been told that proper oral care can prevent oral health issues. So, we do brush, floss and clean tongue daily. We follow all steps advised by dentists or seniors at home to keep dental issues away. Sometimes however even our best efforts are not sufficient as oral problems strike us. The worst part, we often come to know this very late that some oral or dental problems have struck us as it generally takes time for their signs and symptoms to appear.

In some cases, these dental problems go on unnoticed and develop into a more serious concern. So, how to know there are dental problems lingering in the mouth? You go ask the dentist to include an oral examination in regular
visits to identify any problems. Only through dental examinations can help you find the presence of a dental problem in its early stage. Once spotted, your dentist can start the treatment to save bigger health risks in future.

Why an oral exam?

Most dental problems don’t have any early symptoms. They go on developing sneakily in the mouth. And we come to know their presence when it’s too late. This is where a timely oral or dental examination can help. Such exams become necessary for various other reasons, including –

1. An oral exam can assess your oral health completely.

2. It can help us know the problem, if any, in our mouth or teeth or jaw.

3. Such exams are beneficial to us all as we alone can’t see much in our mouth.

4. It will check all areas of your mouth through specialized dental tools.

5. The overall health of mouth is assessed and any trouble spots are tried to find.

6. The exam becomes the basis for taking preventive measures by the dentist.

What does an oral exam include?

An oral exam is a today becoming popular among people conscious of their dental health. Without proper checking of the teeth and gums, nobody can be sure about their dental health. For that reason, you should know the things done in an oral exam, which may include –

1. A specialized dentist will inspect all structures within the mouth.

2. The teeth are examined for any signs of decay and damage.

3. Gums are examined for signs of tenderness, redness, swelling, sensitivity or other problems.

4. Signs of gum recession or gum disease are checked.

5. The dentist will also check the tongue, neck, face, lips, throat area, roof & floor of the mouth.

6. Other areas of mouth are generally checked for the purpose of oral cancer screening.

7. Oral cuts and swelling are checked.

8. Your bite will also be checked.

9. The conditions and workings of the dental restorations are analyzed.

10. The exam is thorough in nature to get a clear picture of the oral health of the patient.

11. After the exam, the dentist will discuss oral hygiene routine with you.

12. The dentist may also suggest changes to habits such as smoking, drinking and excessive use of coals or soft drinks.

13. The patients are advised about the ways to improve their dental health.

Oral exam categories

In general, there are four oral exam categories under which you can be examined or checked. They include –

1. Comprehensive

This form of the oral exam is done in cases where someone has never ever got the mouth and teeth checked. It is generally done on people who visit the dentist for the first time or could not visit them for years.

2. Periodic

As the name suggests, this type of oral exam is done on those who do regular dental visits. In this as well, there will be a thorough checking of the mouth for any signs of dental problems.

3. Limited

This type of exam is done in cases where the dentist diagnoses the cause of some symptoms he/she is sure about. In this, x-rays may also be used for acute analysis.

4. Follow up

With this form of oral exam, the dentist often analyzes the progression of dental health post a treatment.

Quite clearly, oral exams are necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy and free of disease. You can thus benefit from family dentistry Long Island and maintain a superior dental health.

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