An Online Wine Club Membership Like None Other

March 12, 2018 by jamesclarke

Statistics show the wine is fast becoming the national drink of choice for Australians. In 1961, Aussies consumed 20 times the beer as they did wine but this difference came down to merely 3 times in 2011. Beer consumption went down from 76% in 1961 to 42% in 2011 while the consumption of wine increased from 12% to 37%. This shows a tectonic shift in the drinking preferences of the Australian people. When Aussies think of unwinding with some good booze post work, they don’t think of beer anymore.

Interestingly, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) does take notice of the fact that the consumption of wine is rising in countries that traditionally drink beer, and vice-versa. Regardless, a mammoth increase in the consumption of wine means that there is a growing number of wine stores selling it. With the advent of e-commerce in all industries, the wine industry couldn’t be left behind. Several e-commerce companies have taken the lead, in terms of customer service, with their websites and mobile apps. This brings us to Just Wines and the best online wine club membership that there can be – Trophy Club. Let’s talk about these in a greater detail and how they have changed the way Australia buys wine.

Just Wines is an online wine store which offers over 6,000 wines from more than 1,000 Aussie wineries. With a tagline that says “Supporting Aussie Wineries”, the company has helped large brands, which happen to be household names, and smaller, unheard of boutique wineries alike with an ‘equal platform’ for selling their products. Before the e-commerce boom, it was very difficult for small wine companies to sell their products all over the island nation.

A few months back, Just Wines launched its own exclusive wine club – the Trophy Club. The following points will give you a gist of it and why it is better than any wine club you have ever heard of.

1. New Wines Bi-Monthly – The members of Trophy Club are entitled to a delivery service once every two months. The number of wines and the type (Red, white or mixed) depends on the plan the customer has opted for – Prestige, Executive, Entertainers or Varietal. A salient feature of TC is that wines sent to you once wouldn’t be sent to you a second time, at least for a period of one year from being sent to you. This is because Just Wines wants its valued customers to be able to try as many wines as possible.

2. Free Delivery – TC members are entitled to free shipping on all their orders! In a longer run, you can make a substantial saving.

3. Exclusive Deals – Just Wines always has offers, deals, and discounts which are only open to the members of Trophy Club. Essentially, this means that you can get your favorite wines at unbelievably low prices.

4. Personalised Service – TC is a highly personalized service. The brand’s team of trained customer service professionals gets in touch with you before each upcoming delivery to ensure that the date of the delivery, timing and absolutely anything else is as per your convenience.

About Us: You must be thinking that for all that it has to offer, this online wine club membership must be very expensive. Be prepared to be amazed – Trophy Club has no membership fee whatsoever! And before you begin to speculate, there are no hidden costs of any kind! This wine club is Just Wines’ way of thanking its customers for their support. We highly recommend visiting the official website for more details!