Make your Balcony Space Seem Larger with These Tips

November 24, 2017 by ournethelps

Often in apartments, balconies are small; sometimes this is intentional, so as to get maximum space indoors. But if like me you love balconies then I’m sure you would love to know how to make your balcony a cozy, unique space where you can relax, and make it seem larger. Here’s how you can give the balcony in your Palakkad apartment your personal touch:

● Innovative flooring: Usually a balcony has drab flooring; replace existing tiles (or lay on top of the concrete) innovative flooring like wood deck tiles that lock together – easy in, easy out. For a more permanent solution, you can get wood paneling done, and have a border of pebbles at the sides for an exotic look. If you don’t want to put in new tiles, why not try fake grass or an outdoor carpet or rug? That will create a different look for your home.

● Install mood lighting: Hang a string of pretty lights to lend a magical look to your balcony at nights; today there are hordes of LED lighting options available that are inexpensive and awesome looking.

● Ensure privacy: If your view isn’t all that great, or you’re worried about prying eyes, you can enclose the balcony with sliding windows, wind shields and sun shades, blinds, drapes or traditional straw/bamboo curtains so that neighbours won’t have a view inside.

● Turn it into a coffee bar: Install a wall mounted shelf to hold sugar, tea, coffee and a kettle (if you have a plug point outside) and a few mugs and cups – and maybe a couple of tins of biscuits and dry snacks, and napkins. Enjoy your morning and evening cuppa as you gaze upon the scenery outside and listen to the calming chirping of birds.

● Transform it into a garden: You can have potted plants and hanging plants, and turn the balcony of your flat in Palakkad into a verdant paradise.

● Use it as a private room to hang out or chill: Get some good outdoor furniture (treated to withstand the elements) – a couple of compact but solid chairs, and a table, mount a shelf and place a small magazine/book rack. This can be your cozy reading nook, a place for private conversations with friends and whatever you want it to be. Make sure to keep your furniture or the balcony itself well covered in the monsoon.

Your balcony should be your happy place – use your imagination and think of ways in which you can make your balcony look like a fun and happening place, rather than just a dumping space for old newspapers, shoes and broken equipment.

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