Looking for the best bikes for Indian roads? Read on!

May 14, 2017 by vaibhav_joshi

It is almost a tailor-made requirement when you are looking for a bike in Indian conditions. You want to have a bike that gives you all the important features to be driven in the tight narrow metro roads but something that would be apt for a long ride too. It definitely is no easy task to compare bikes and decide what would suit your style the best. There are obviously a lot of choices present and if you are going to have a detailed bike comparison to come to a clear conclusion on the best bike for you to choose from and how efficient it would be for you.

There are bound to be many options to choose from but the first and most obvious fact of them all is that you have to make a call on the type or class of bike you need and if it would be a viable solution for you.

If you were to look at the Indian bike market right now, you would be surprised to see many of the manufacturers split mostly on the kind of engine specifications that are being delivered. There are bound to be many other ways to split it, but as long as you have a good powered bike, you have more than what you can ask for in the Indian market. In a quick two wheeler comparison, these would be the top few bikes that would be out there for you to choose from.

Bajaj Dominar 400: Out of all the vehicles that are present in the market, you would be assured of brilliant performances from the Bajaj Dominar 400. It is pure power and absolute balance on the road. Almost built to perfection to fit in with that great engine. It would make perfect sense to own a bike like this if you do a fair bit of daily traveling. The bike has been one of the most anticipated vehicles of its time and that only means you would have plenty of bookings in the fray already. Given the offering and the fact that you have the servicing advantage of Bajaj.

KTM RC 200: If a great sporty looking bike was on your mind, it cannot get better than owning the RC 200. Brilliant looks and styling coupled with a great throttle make perfect sense to own a bike like this. From all the options at hand, you would own a piece that is beyond most bikes comparison.

Bajaj Pulsar 220: Right from the first launch, the Bajaj Pulsar has been one of the most coveted bikes of its time. It makes out to be a great looking bike with long time efficient performance. One of the reasons that the Bajaj bike has done so well over the years is the sheer performance and fuel efficiency that is a must when you compare two wheelers. From all the present options, it does present to be a much better buy.

The Indian market is set to be one of the best markets to buy a bike today and making a bike comparison India would be the first way to get a great bike at home.

About Author: Vaibhav Joshi is an experienced automobile expert. He writes for several online publications, including his own blog, car and motor reviews also write blogs for Bajaj Auto. Vaibhav Joshi grew up in Chandigarh, India, but now resides in Delhi with his wife and one kid.