7 Essential Tips to Get the Best Out of Homeopathy Medication

May 31, 2017 by snehapathak

If the medication is not taken correctly, it will not be useful so, following are the tips to get the best out of your homeopathy treatment:

1. A Big No to One Size Fits All

It is not based on concept ONE SIZE FITS ALL, even if two people are having the similar disease. It is given to a person on the basis of person’s health, body size, allergies, etc. Homeopathic medicines are always prescribed for the complete package, so the medicines are different for different people.

2. Finish the dosage

If you want the perfect result, it is necessary to finish the dosage because, without that, you will not the effective results. If you do not feel any changes, consult your doctor, tell them your problems and get the dosage changed. But definitely, finish the dosage.

3. Have patience

Homeopathy treatment starts with low potency, such as two tablets every two hours for the first six doses, and then four times daily for up to five days. If the change is felt in the patient then, the potency is increased, otherwise not. This treatment is for people who have the patience to wait and get treated.

Stick to the prescribed homeopathic dosage, consuming more or higher dosage does not mean faster recovery.

4. Time Gap

Always leave the gap of 20 minutes between meal and medicine otherwise the medication will not work. Homeopathy tablets have their own way of working so take it the way they are prescribed.

Homeopathy works best when you take your medication on time, the course must be completed as per schedule prescribed by your homeopath. So, remember if you miss out the dosage do not take it when you remember, take it at the time, next day.

5. Do not touch the tablets

If you touch the homeopathy tablets, it will lose its accuracy. Thus, make sure, you take the dosage inside the cap of the bottle or another vessel.

It is believed that the active content in homeopathic pills is so tiny and pure that it must dissolve in or under your tongue for the maximum benefit. Body heat and the slightest moisture will cause it to dissolve. Hence, half of the good stuff will go to your fingers instead of your gut.

Also, leave the medicated pills at the tip of your tongue. The longer they stay, the better the action. So, do not touch the pills, put it on or under your tongue.

So, do not touch the pills, put it on or under your tongue.

6. Do not interfere with the medication

If you interfere homeopathy pills with strong smelly foods or toothpaste there are chances that you may not be able to extract the best from it.

Do not smoke, chew tobacco, and drink alcohol while taking homeopathy pills as it could neutralize the effects of pills and the healing process will be slower than usual.

So, stay away from any food products or intakes that have strong smelling odors.

7. Only trust an experienced Homeopath

With advances in the medical field, it becomes imperative that you find and follow medication under an experienced Homeopathy practitioner to get the maximum health advantage.

If you take the homeopathy medication as described above, you will receive the most of your medication and the recovery process will become quick and effective. So, do it right!

Homeopathy is not a science but pseudo-science. It is slow but quite effective. It is a popular alternative medication system generally used to cure chronic disease like skin disease, auto-immune diseases and acute diseases like a cough and cold, diarrhea, dysenteries, etc.