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June 7, 2018 by ournethelps

A writer’s true beauty is in his transparency I would say. However, the beauty of writing is the writer can hide behind a façade, a mask of some sort and the public would not notice. He can pretend to be who he wants where he wants when he wants.

However, this does more harm to the writer than he believes. Emotionally, his intestines twist in a hurricane of despair and self-loathing. He becomes disgusted with the ideas he wishes to be that he writes about.

This does not make the writer happy.

Nevertheless, this is the magic of writing. The writer knows he can be anything he wants to be on paper. He is not happy with his real world so he writes to pretend what he is not. In addition, he finds a sort of joy in it, cynically.

Words for the writer are his escape because he knows he can create any world he pleases of his true desire. Deep down he has ripped apart between truth and fiction.

As the writer sits on his lonely chair, he knows nervously and fearfully he has to come to clean one day in order to be successful. To be a successful writer he knows he has to be raw, exposed himself for who he really is and his true art must speak of him as his progeny.

That being said I will share with you his thoughts on being an honest writer and what it takes to practice it.

Being Truthful To Your Craft

A true writer is an artisan, a workman, and the critic has to be himself and no one else. He knows he has to be honest however dislikes who he truly is. That is a beauty of writing. You can create a story and end it as you wish. You know the ending.

The honest writer deep down his dark soul has to come clean with himself and speak from who he is. His background story despite his liking or not must come to the surface to help him shape his writing.

The only thing the writer can think of is childhood. To start exposing yourself on writing start with your childhood. Just like the writer, childhood is full of goodies and bad memories. It is full of experiences most writers forget to grab.

I for one and for those who follow me personally know I want to be a writer and I concluded to be clean with my writing too. It is time, to be honest in order for one’s writing to improve and develop.

On paper, we are heroes, however, in real life, we are otherwise. Start with your childhood and ask yourself what made you write? What made you choose to be a writer?

As I dig deep into my dilapidated psyche, I write because I am introverted and timid and writing allows me to be courage and be sociable, grand. Another reason, it is a motivator to put the person who is on paper and create it to become real life someday.

That is why I write. To become who I write about. This is I being truthful. To wish to be courage, brave and strong as the heroes and characters I write about. And you?

I guess emotional childhood memories and I argue develop the writer. True writing begins to blossom like spring when writing comes from feelings, emotions, and memories of who we truly are. To be true to your craft you have to speak from deep inside and watch it evolve on paper.

Do you ever observe how your personality is evolving due to your writing? I do.

Society, Friends, and Families Should Be Honest With You

As writers, we find a million reason to doubt our craft and ourselves. We question ourselves in a vacuum non-stop roller coaster if our craft of words is good. Perhaps it is not a confidence issue but a self-worthy of ourselves thing.

As writers, that is what we must work on. It is not our writing but our self-worth.

In addition, those we love falsely inflate our self-worth sometimes. How many of you have come across friends and family members encouraging you, however, being lenient about your work? Making the writer believe he is grand but to only fall down the pits of disaster and disappear.

That is why I argue that friends and family should not be lenient with their writer friends or members. It does not help the writer pick himself up in need.

It is even worse if the writer suffers from low-self recognition and writes for that moment to be published one day.

I believe we can remedy this. I argue honesty is the best policy nevertheless, as writers in progress speaking of myself personally, we share our souls to the world and instead of hiding behind a façade of false hopes; we must no matter share our souls with the world and receive the critic that is waiting for us.

We know family members are too soft to hurt our tenders’ heart. Therefore, we must truly to reach our definition of writing “success” bare ourselves naked in front of many and grow.

Let me share a personal quick example, I question myself why they are so lenient because I can read from their face when they read my work they cringe like a raisin just to utter, “It’s great honey” but, is it?

I would be happier with myself with “It needs improvement.”

I believe true honesty helps us build more character and create better writing. In addition, the only way we can achieve such growth and success is by exposing our true self on writing even if it is terrifying.

In order to write at all, we must write based on our true present beliefs. This is what will make us or break us. However, in all honesty, even if your thoughts are on Mars or Venus there is an audience who will resonate with your insane ideas.

There is always someone for anybody like a Harley to a Joker. If you do not write from your deepest honest self-there is no need to create because as I mentioned before I believe we write to self-evolve in some way.

What better way to start clean and watch yourself evolve in person because of your work. I have seen how cowardly a writing has transformed himself into immediate success and courage due to his writing. I guess that is what success does to you or is it writing or both.

Mature Into An Honest Person

That being said you must grow into you are artistic maturity at your own pace.

Those characters you write about in those stories of fiction are really you who struggles to become it.

What does that mean? It means those who write are in a new humanistic evolutionary change if they are brave enough to become their work instead of wasting ink on paper.

Let the real work take place outside of the paper. It takes a lot of honest brutal work to become a writer and writing is a serious craft. When you become true to yourself you will start seeing changes in your writing just like real life.

I cannot tolerate reading writers who are not who they are. Being a writer is about being who you really are in real life and on paper.

Moreover, to get there you have to be place yourself in complete honest scrutiny and start from there. Are you up to the challenge? I hope so because I am ready to become whom I write on paper and I have no choice but, to expose my true self to the world and from there keep polishing it.

Stay inspired reader.

About the author:

Ricardo Ortiz is a clinical psychologist with inspiring ideas to help you keep going in life. Visit for more content at www.ricardoortizchavez.com

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