How Can You Make Profit By Starting A Company Which Specializes In Car Wash?

January 23, 2018 by ournethelps

Changes happen in every industry and the car wash sector is no different. Right from suppliers to carwash giants to manufacturers, major changes have happened in the industry.

Are you a resident of Pune? Do you plan to open a car wash center in the middle of the city? Are you also planning to partner with companies which provide doorstep carwash services in Pune? Then you are welcome to read the article. You can gain valuable points.

In recent times, Indian cities are expecting a major growth in buying of cars. Previously, the idea was to own a vehicle per house. But, according to the recent trend, it is one vehicle per person. So, in a house, you have a retired father who goes outside with his old Fiat car, and two of his sons going to their respective offices in their own cars. So you have three cars per home.

Car companies have been quick to grasp the change in the customer’s minds and they have offered numerous discount programs for the welfare of customers. It is no wonder, that you can see a car wash facility in every nook and corner of a large city. There are more people who opt for a particular brand car washing service over a small time vendor. But in this world of stiff competition, can you open a car wash company, partner with a home services company and make profits? You can.

Kindly look into the mentioned points

The secret is you have to create positive experiences for the customers who come to your car washing facility. According to industry experts, more than 50 percent of customers are ready to pay a price higher if they get a good experience. You should understand the factors and design the service giving the customers an elated impression. Then, you can easily influence their behavior as well loyalty decisions. In case of giving doorstep service, choose the employee with the best skills and positive attitude.

As per Charles Darwin formula – Survival of the fittest – it is vital to know the recent technology trends because you are in an industry that will constantly challenge your ability and intelligence to not only retain the loyal customers but also attract more people.

Emotional Decisions

Shoppers can be divided into many types. It is not, that you have to focus less on window shoppers and concentrate more on impulsive shoppers. According to psychologists, shopping is an emotional process for many customers. Three decades ago, customers used to link quality with budget, and they were ready to compromise. But now, a customer is ready to pay more if the service or product makes him/her feel special. The main reason you find millennials hanging at every café corner etc.

For some, having a car is linked with emotion. SO you find a 25- year old software engineer treating the newly bought car as his baby. Then, there are some who treat cars as a part of their family. There are also those who treat the family-old ambassador car as a respect to their legacy. So, if you give the customer’s product (in your case, car) the ‘special’ care which they desire for, then they will become your loyal customers.

Brand manufacturers of cars give one more secret advice to car wash company owners. Customers are always happy to acknowledge a good professional car wash. The thought stems from the satisfaction of getting a clean vehicle. Driving a clean vehicle makes them feel good. This will be the opportune moment for the company owner to give promotional offers and makes the customer a loyalist.

You can give unexpected surprise discount to the customers such as:

*  Free wash after some visits

* Upgraded package after ten visits

The option of saving money always works well and the customers will stay your loyalists. But ensure that your company whereabouts also have the proper appearance.

Proper functioning equipment – the customer may never visit your store in case of a failed wash hose. In a similar situation, give your apologies to the customer and award him/her a discount.

Music, entertainment – So that the customers can relax while the washing process is on.

Have friendly and smiling employees – a smile will light a hundred hearts a second.

Bank ATM nearby. Other devices for sending the money to your account – you do not want the customer to show a blank wallet, do you?

The emotional factor always helps. Customers in any part of the world will always visit a location if they feel the emotional connection. You should have a keen business sense to align the special interest of the customers with your own interest. In other words, customers will frequent a place where they find trust, loyalty and a happier experience.

Comparison Of Price And Value

You can make a good investment and import the best machines, but when it comes to price, it is a tricky situation. If you have opened a new car wash center and the customers tell that the price is too high, the homework has not been done properly. No issues! You can still visit other car washes in your area and get the idea. Or your adjacent car wash center has introduced new equipment which is expensive but can give them large profits in the long term even if they charge a less price.

Have a perfect knowledge regarding the value of other business vendors in the same locality. Know your target audience and design the strategy perfectly. You can make the customer see value in your car washing services by giving discounts or rewards. But when it comes to making the customer’s experience an enjoyable one, you have to think out-of-the-box strategies that are in tandem with the local culture and tradition.

Your location should be kept clean and ooze a positive ambiance. If you pay a visit to any of the popular cafes today, you can see the crowd. It is not about the designer tables and glasses nor the Wi-Fi. The place portrays a resemblance to the modern and cool trend.


It does not matter if you are an online or offline company. Do have a customer feedback on your website or keep a book on your location. It will help enhance the experience for your customers. Almost all the car wash owners specify they rely on the book to note down the customer communication.

As an owner, your presence is a must in the center. It is important to keep the communication line open so that the customer can feel a sense of trust. You can also make use of social media to make the customers feel recognized.

In case of a negative feedback ensure the issue is corrected at the earliest. Yet, never think of the feedback as a line of quality control.

Office Attire

To have a successful business, it is important to attract, train as well retain quality employees. Ensure that the employee portrays a positive attitude or else the customer will change his/her loyalty to another car wash center. With the use of specialized tech equipment, your center will have few employees, but remember they are the main contact for satisfaction between the business and customer.

A customer will rarely be interested in the operation and performance of the equipment, but in case of problems with equipment, a positive attitude employee can deal with the situation perfectly.

Business transparency can make the customers gain trust in your business. On the website, you can post photographs of the best employee award of your center.


People today expect more when they opt for a new service or product or for a new center. So you have to really play your cards well to sustain and gain profits in the market. Please note, you will lag behind if you do not accept the advancements in technology. When you fail to plan, you are definitely making a plan to fail.

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