Top six things to look for in the best B schools in Karnataka

June 20, 2017 by alia16dc

For management aspirants, the state of Karnataka has become one of the popular destinations in the country. Top rated business schools in the state attract the students to their best management programs. Karnataka has been the front runner when it comes to choosing the best B Schools in the southern region of India and the state is doing great in this matter. However, the choice of school gets tougher when it comes to management studies. The best B schools in Karnataka that provide good facilities with valuable management courses to the students include:

• Myra School of Business, Mysore
• Alliance School of Business
• Christ University
• Mount Caramel College
• Presidency College

Selecting the top business schools in Karnataka

To become a top business school, there are various parameters that the institute must fulfill. Considering the below factors will help you decide the best institution for admission.

1. Learning facilities: Best B schools in Karnataka offer excellent learning facilities to the students through group activities like assignments and projects. The best business schools develop team leadership skills in the candidates that help them to work in teams in near future.

Students are hired on the basis of personal interview, group discussions, and the written test.

2. Faculty: Every best management institute retains highly qualified and experienced faculty that can provide quality education and knowledge to the learners. The best B schools have collaboration with the international schools to provide real world exposure to the candidates via foreign guest faculty. Apart from providing the theoretical standpoint, an inspiring faculty at top business schools will give emphasis on the application of theoretical aspects to the real world business issues.

3. Placements: There is a race for 100% placement record among the business schools. However, one should not consider getting admitted in a college based on just the placement records.

4. Brand name: It is often true that better the brand name, better is the career and placement records. The brand image is the key factor that depends upon selecting the best institution. Best B schools in Karnataka are ranked at top positions after taking into consideration some factors like quality of programs, faculty and career support.

5. Freedom: Top business schools across the world mimic the business environment by supporting critical thinking, innovation, creativity, healthy competition and scientific inquiry. They adapt to the fast-changing business trends to make students experience the reality of business sector.

6. Flexibility: This is an important factor to consider for the students who are already working or have other responsibilities. Consider the B-school offering the programs that require less on-campus time.