Are You Targeting the Right Audience (The Biggest Mistake in Digital Marketing)

August 17, 2017 by muthumali

Have you ever received bulk emails and annoying text messages from marketing companies? You may be passing your middle age and you may receive a text message which is about registering for a university in Colombo. Are they really relevant to you?

If you send your content to the wrong audience that does not get straight to the point or is somewhat inapplicable and insignificant to your audience’s wants and needs, not many people will take you seriously.

I want to talk about the importance of targeting your content to the right customers to make it as effective as possible. By defining your audience’s needs, you’ll be better equipped to decide which content types will best serve your strategy.

* Targeting right audience shows you have got something important to say
* Targeting right audience gives customers a reason to do business with you who are your actual customers?

Any time you collect information about your audience, it can help you define, or redefine, your customer personas. When your marketing moves at the speed of social, you may be catching fire with a new group and only regular check-ins will keep you aware of that.

Targeting :

How To: For every marketing persona, try to fill in the following qualities, depending on what matters to your brand and product sales: age range, job, income range, interests, pain point you address, location, relationship status, and education.Then, take that information and list out this person’s goals and challenges, and values and fears. Finally, create a marketing message for him or her and a succinct elevator pitch.

Keep all of this information handy for your social team, and possibly your entire marketing team. Having everyone on board with whom you’re trying to target and what you’re trying to tell them multiplies your marketing impact.


Ex: Let say you are running a Juice Bar. You can track regular buyers for a particular product. For example, you may have noticed regular buyers for a milkshake. If you have noticed that few customers of your milk shake product, not visiting your shop often so you can send them a coupon (ex: 20% off). Not offers for other products. So Stop being annoyed by sending content to the wrong audience. The best way is to target your audience is social media profiling!

Have you ever heard about social profiling?

Do you know you can run customized marketing campaigns through social media profiling? There is some great software you can use to target your audiences. Let’s talk about it in my next article!