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Must Have Aphrodisiac Foods for an Enhanced Sex Drive

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the condition where men find difficulty in getting an erection or maintaining an erection for a longer duration during the sexual act. ED in women is commonly referred as the condition where the woman, persistently faces lack of orgasm, desire and gives no sexual response to take the relationship forward with the partner.

Food as the Solution

Though there are several ways to treat the condition such as pills, surgery, and injections, not everyone will like going to the medical expert for a solution. The right food at the right time will act as a stimulator while boosting your sex drive bed. Eating specific kind of foods can instantly raise the blood flow towards the reproductive areas while generating desire for sex. Such foods are known as aphrodisiac foods.

Some of the aphrodisiac foods are as follows:-


Feed your partner with Oyster to experience a great time with your partner. Rich in Zinc, Oyster is the best aphrodisiac food. This seafood has the ability to boost sperm count in men while increasing the chances of fertility in women. Filled with essential amino acids, oysters can easily stimulate the sexual hormones in the body while sexually arousing the person.


The commonly used as spices, truffles can be a great add-on to your boring meals while boosting the sex drive. The truffles contain a specific chemical like substance ‘pheromones’ for increasing sexual activity after consumption in a considerate amount. Black truffles are the best ones to pick to reap out an aphrodisiac result.


Excellent in giving wings to the men’s sexual desire, Figs are highly considered aphrodisiacs due to its appearance. When a fig is cut into two parts, the inner part often resembles the female sexual organs. Rich in potassium and iron, Figs are highly essential to enhance sexual stamina in men.


Almonds are easier to find and most effective food that you can include in your daily diet. The rich, alluring aroma of almond and its high omega-3 content acts as a great testosterone booster in men while enhancing the fertility, in women. Those who want to develop libido can go for almonds anytime.


Asparagus is one of its kind of vegetable that has the potential to increase blood flow in the genital and urinary organs of both male and female. An excellent source of Vitamin E, this vegetable can stimulate the production of sex hormones in the body which leads to an enhanced sex drive.


This exotic fruit contains high levels of folic acid that aids in producing male hormones in the body while regulating thyroid glands. It acts as the best libido-boosting food in both men and women while appearing to be more sensual in shape and rich in flavor.

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