How to Advertise Your Business Online and Offline for Free

September 11, 2016 by OurNetHelps

As a business owner, you know that effective advertising is an essential part of your success. Many will argue the fact that paying for your website exposure is the best way to go. I see the same advertisements from the same home-based professionals on various websites often. Do these people get more traffic than the ones that don’t pay for advertising? Maybe so, maybe not.

However, I will tell you there are a plethora of absolutely free ways to go about advertising your home business or website. You don’t have to pay for it in order for it to be effective. There are several free techniques for both online and offline promotion. Start with sporting your favorite, creative thinking cap, and opening your mind to new and innovative advertising opportunities and ideas.

Promoting is the easy part. Getting your home business in the hands of your target market, creating an effective call to action, and producing sales is the difficult part. I have a few places and tips for you that may help.

Below are 21 free effective advertising techniques you may want to consider:


1. Participate in online message boards. Always follow all rules and guidelines, as you certainly don’t want to be banned.

2. Write articles relating to your business and submit them to directories, forums, and websites. (article marketing)

3. Create a free blog and start participating on other blogs. Make useful comments without spamming your web links around.

4. Exchange articles with other webmasters and bloggers. This will benefit both parties with fresh content and search engine friendly links.

5. Signature advertising. Include your signature when posting on forums and email marketing.

6. Join free newsletters, ezines and submit your ads and articles. There are several online and new ones are being created daily. And most of them offer free ad and article submissions.

7. Join online niche directories and submit your website. This gets you some free backlinks and therefore, higher website rankings.

8. Participate on various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace. Always handle yourself in a professional demeanor, and without spamming links as opposed to offering invaluable information. Proper networking is key when representing your business.

9. Exchange links with other webmasters, preferably ones with high search engine rankings.

10. Host a contest on your business message board or on your blog. Offer real prizes such as a free sample or free advertising.

11. Email marketing. If you have a nice compounded list of past customers, members on your forum, or members on your networking website, email marketing could be in your favor. Of course, an attention-grabbing headline is key with this advertising method.

12. Guest blogging is becoming more popular, as many webmasters have converted their websites over to blogs. And to sustain their traffic flow and also due to time issues, many are seeking guest bloggers to keep their blogs going strong.


1. Create business cards from your home computer and post them throughout local businesses in your area.

2. Create flyers and post them throughout local businesses in your area.

3. Donate freebies for fundraiser events with your business card attached.

4. Network with others in your church community that also has a home business. Get in on the various events that are taking place within the church. For example, if the community has craft shows, maybe by being a member of the church, you can get a free booth.

5. Giving gifts. Whenever you give a gift, include them from your business inventory. Always have your logo and card attached to them.

6. Keep a stash of business cards and flyers in your car for whenever the chance of advertising presents itself. You never know when the opportunity will arise, this way you will always be prepared.

7. Vacation time is upon us, whenever you take some time off for a vacation, always leave your business card with the front desk and also the maids when you leave your tip.

8. Ask about leaving your business cards at salons, daycare centers, and laundry mats. These are high traffic areas where moms are always around.

9. Word of mouth. This is by far the best way to advertise offline. Whenever you are out and about, talk about what you offer and what you do from home.

There you have it, the best of both worlds, some free online and offline marketing ideas. I hope they are helpful.

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