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6 Interactive Content Optimization Process For Voice Search

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The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has revolutionized the technology of voice search and speech recognition. On the other hand, Voice is now considered as the future of web search. The voice search optimization renowned itself just because people nowadays just speak over the assistant and make their work done.

A few research and analysis stated that there are more than 30 million devices with the voice-first facility in it. In the trending topics related to SEO and optimization, voice search conquered the third place. Google also stated that more than one-fifth of searched queries on Google are related to voice search. 

Understanding the Basics of Voice Search

Before learning the optimization process, you just learn to cover-up the necessary basics of voice search. The process is much more natural and highly related to voice conversations. Most often, people use voice search from their mobile devices just because they can perform their work easily. While text-based queries are very much time-consuming. 

How can you optimize content for Voice Search?

There are a number of ways that will be helpful for you to optimize your content for voice search. Without further ado, let’s check it out. 

1. Create Scannable Contents

You have to develop your desired content that can be easily readable as well as scannable too. People who look for content on the internet on their mobile devices must be optimized for this platform only. After that, makes sure that your contents must not contain any type of pop-up ads which is quite annoying. Always create content with short sentences, paragraphs,  headings with bold letters. 

2. Get into Google My Business List

After creating innovative content on trending topics and the latest news, obviously you will get good results. So you can claim your Google My Business list. If you didn’t do it, then it is high time that you should do it as soon as possible.

After claiming and receiving Google My Business Listing, you will be able to provide all the necessary details like your industry name, phone number, address, business hours, and others. This will help you to move your content on the driver seat after voice search. 

3. Go through the user Guides

Before reaching each and every major platform in these fields, it is better that you read all the necessary user guides first. If you have recently bought your mobile or tablet device, then those guided will help you to understand and learn about the optimization techniques. In addition to that, they will also help you gain adequate experience.

For instance, Apple has done brilliant documentation (user guide) on Siri (AI Speech Recognition) which always helps its users to find the relevant and correct information. Moreover, Cortana (Windows AI Speech Recognition) and Google Assistant are more or less serve the same purpose.

4. Make Long-Tail Words the Center of Attraction

As you know that the voice search is very much natural when you speak, that is why the best ideas will be if you use a long-tail keyword. In order to develop this technique, you must keep track of how people speak? What are their questions? What are their ways of asking questions? And many more. This variation might sound new to you.

That is why you must need this kind of variation as much as possible in the form of a long-tail keyword. There are various tools that will help you to do so. On the other hand,  can also use Google’s Official Search Console. This tool will not only help you to gather queries of people but will also assist you in generating long-tail keywords.

5. Make FAQ Pages

Frequently asked questions are another excellent to gather customer and SEO data. These data will come from all the FAQ pages that mainly focus on long-tail keywords and phrases. Always try to gather common questions from different pages create content about them in a natural way. 

In your case, if you want to create more than one page in this same natural way, then obviously you just go for this concept. The search engines will then have a majestic chance to extract information from your website.

In the introductory part of your content, you can add some quick answers. This will satisfy Google’s rich snippets requirements. The task might be risky but side by side it will also help you to individual pages and content snippets as well. 

6. Trigger your Microdata

Always clear the path of Google when it will visit your website and try to understand what is your content really about. This will accelerate most of the chances that a search engine will utilize your content to reply to any voice search related to that. On the other hand, you also need to use the microdata that will help Google to understand all the texts in your content.

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