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5 Things You Need to Become a Better Manager

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If you plan on becoming a manager or filling a leadership role in your company in the near future, you are not alone. Millions of people have the same goal: to advance in their careers and reach the top position, and usually in as little time as possible. The goal is more attainable than you think, especially in today’s economy. Companies are expanding – some to new markets – and there are a lot of leadership roles to fill as the expansion continues.

To qualify for a management position, however, you need more than experience and the essential skills. You also need to be seen, improve your leadership and communication skills, and develop several other qualities that will support you in your managerial role. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the five things you need to become a better manager.


One of the main challenges in today’s competitive world is getting the recognition that you need. This usually leads to you being considered for a promotion to a management position. For some, trying to get recognition means rigorously competing with their peers. The problem with this approach is that it will not be easy to work with them when you do get noticed and promoted.

There is a better solution to this problem, and that is developing better initiative at work. The next time a project comes in, ask for the opportunity to lead it. When dealing with even the most mundane tasks, go the extra mile and produce excellent output every time. More importantly, take the initiative to help your peers.

These are simple things to do, but they are exactly the kind of activities that will sharpen your ability to know when to take the initiative. The relationships you can build when you are more proactive are also invaluable later in your career. Of course, top management and the people you work with will also recognize your initiative and hard work.


You cannot be a good manager and leader without, well, good leadership skills. Leadership is a skill that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. This is because you cannot just learn the theory of leadership; you must have the heart and mind to also put what you have learned about leadership into practice.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to improve your leadership capacity. In fact, top universities like St. Bonaventure University now have courses on leadership, such as an online Master of Arts in Leadership degree. The course is meticulously designed to help you grow personally and professionally.

Pursuing a degree in leadership is also a great way to pick up crucial skills. Organizational intelligence, for instance, will shape you into a better operator when it comes to exerting influence. The same course will also improve your communications skills, particularly in a professional environment. In fact, you will also gain the ability to lead on a global scale through an understanding of the landscape.


Of course, you’re motivated! You are already in pursuit of a management position. To be a great manager, however, you need to be able to share that motivation with others. It is no longer just about going the extra mile on your own; it is also about motivating your team – the people you lead – to go the extra mile with you.

Being a motivator for the entire team is not an easy task. You need good empathy, an understanding of the people you work with, and a willingness to listen. These are skills that will help you understand what your team members really need and what they are struggling with. Only then can you provide them with the resources and the push they need to shine.

Your communication skills play an important role here too. There is a fine line between motivating others and outright pushing them to work harder. The former isn’t just more sustainable, but also better for your team members. When people are motivated, you don’t have to resort to tactics like scolding to keep the team effective.

Resource Management

The next thing you need to become a better manager is good resource management. That means being able to manage time, budget, manpower, and other resources you have in your disposal to achieve business (and organizational) objectives. Once again, this is easier in theory. When you are out in the field managing a team, simple tasks like managing time can be very challenging.

Worry not, because this too is a skill you can master. The key to good resource management is prioritization. You have to know which tasks to prioritize in order to manage your time and resources. When you stop trying to do everything at once, you will find ways to efficiently use your time and resources to get more things done.

Resource management is a skill that can be expanded. The higher you go in your career, the more skills like budgeting and production planning become seriously important. You will soon move on to mastering forecasting and better planning, which will then lead to virtually every challenge you may face becoming easier to anticipate and solve.


Last, but certainly not least, you need patience to be a better manager. Some would argue that this is the skill you need the most. Patience will help you achieve two things. First, it allows you to be persistent in your pursuit for a managerial role. It also helps you remain level-headed in the face of enormous challenges and problems.

When you have patience, processing the challenges you face is easier. Since you can digest issues easily and find their root causes, you will also be able to solve issues easily. The same goes for problems with (or between) team members. You will be surprised by how easy it is to remain objective at work when you know how to remain calm in difficult situations.

Do you have these 5 ingredients that will make you a better manager? If the answer to this question is still a NO, now is the perfect time to start acquiring them. Develop your abilities as a leader and be the best manager you can be.

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